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    Fence Leaning. Uncertain of Responsibility.

    I had this issue of ownership after the last big storm. I thought it was a shared fence as my post end was connected to his fence run.... He thought different and he had already waved the deeds that apparently exist in front of me the Minute I went round to let them know It was down. Overall...
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    Bath tap replacement

    I need to change over an old mixer/shower head on the bath. The bath is original for the house so nearly 20 years old. Are distances between holes likely to be suitable for tap sets available today?
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    What type of sand for Porcelain patio

    Could try selling this on Pistonheads if its not the right stuff LOL
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    New Mower Time

    Hopefully worth the flaff of charging. Only reservation is they don't do low 10mm cuts, not sure why that is on a lot of them? I have got maki tools but wasn't sure the mower would be any cop without a roller.
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    New Mower Time

    Just gone with a Battery mower as im sick of getting the extension lead out and lawn size doesn't warrant a petrol. Gone for a Worx one.
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    Laying solid base

    I've posted about minor amounts of water after the big rainfall last week. I intended to sort the area as its a bit of a dead area around a raised bed I put in. I'd like to build a more level base with Type1 and then shingle on top in this area and around the bed. Will the drainage issues...
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    1.8m wide fence panels

    Is the gap definitely 1.80 with the slots. I've made the mistake of replacing wood ones with the same and have a shortfall. I'd say the previous panels got cut down, Shouldn't be too much effort to do with a circular saw.
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    Concrete fence posts

    Do you mean put a batten in then use fence clips on the batten like you would on a wood post ? I need to reduce a gap to an old post so think I could do this to help.
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    Water collection

    Cheers, we are clay base and soil not the most absorbent. I'll keep an eye on it once its all finished and levelled.
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    Concrete fence posts

    Thanks for the help!
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    Water collection

    I've recently had to dig to sort out some new fence posts in an area of my garden, the gravel boards needed to go down about 100m so ground seen in pics needs to raise up a bit. Also ive not replaced a shed load of shingle my lovely neighbour had covering the pipe that drains off. I must have...
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    Concrete fence posts

    I've just put some in and notice they are rattling on mine, they all do seem to look the same when I look at others so he is probably correct. The question is what stops the panels moving?
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    Toilets not flushing quickly

    Hi, Bit of an accident and missus flushed a single wet wipe down the loo by mistake in the middle of the night. (Well it was me actually). The toilet where this happened is flushing/draining off fine but ensuite upstairs and downstairs loo seem to be not draining off quickly after a flush. Is...
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    End to end straight line cracks in all the bedroom

    Are you walking over the joists? Wonder if the boards need double nailing as well.
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    Repainting newel

    Bin Primer is the expensive version :)
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    Repainting newel

    No mate lol, isolation playing mind tricks? I've primed the whole side with some Bin primer at the moment. Lets see how that goes.
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    Repainting newel

    Hi, I've used dulux satinwood oil based on this but accidents will happen and it got scraped chipped. I've got half a tin of water based I used elsewhere available to use. Would I be asking for trouble if I primed then used the Waterbased stuff on this section? Or would it be better to do...
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    Wheelie bin cover

    I know what store I will buy, its a case of if I need a solid base for it so it doesn't end up flying off and getting knocked about when bins go in? What about using slabs like this for the base?
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    Wheelie bin cover

    Hi, I'm looking at a cover for my horrible wheelie bins that need to get put in the garden. I initially thought of putting a concrete base down, but not sure that's really suitable with the paving slabs next to them. Also I need to get the bins manoeuvred in/out easily. I also wonder if I can...
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    Toupret for skimming walls

    Im not a plasterer but I'd never use something with filler on the packet to skim a wall!