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    Shower Cable

    Scousepark is correct, the circuit breaker needs to be below the ccc of the cable and higher than the design current to comply. Even in otherwise perfect conditions applying the 0.95 Cmin correction factor to 6mm cable (47A) brings the ccc to below 45amps. The next available circuit breaker is...
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    Dealing with voltage drop

    What's the L-N fault current (pscc) at the end of the long run? If volt drop is out of spec, that may be too, and that's a requirement of the regs not a recommendation/not applicable here like volt drop
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    RCD on bathroom circuit

    Are you sure the gas supply pipe isn't plastic coated metal? I bet it is. If an RCBO is possible get that for the bathroom lights.
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    Should I replace this consumer unit?

    You can say what you like, I'm saying it's high
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    Should I replace this consumer unit?

    That's better, though I havent fitted an RCD board in years - you want individual RCD (RCBO) protection, and you might need 2 CU's... If you're making use of cheap off peak electricity to heat water or the flat? Leith...Edinburgh...expensive.
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    Should I replace this consumer unit?

    Do you need two does your heating and hot water work at the moment? Posting the test results page(s) of the report will give us a clue, also the 'observations' page of the report which lists the defects. You could use a pen or something to cover up personal details. It sounds a...
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    Should I replace this consumer unit?

    Some meters you press a button and scroll through the readings. Zoom in, there's 5 tails (single core cables) into the meter, and 2 into the right side henley. It very much looks to be a dual rate meter, also called a white meter.
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    Should I replace this consumer unit?

    I think it IS a dual rate meter, looks like 5 cables connected to it
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    4mm ring

    Yes you can, a 32A ring cable needs to have a CCC of 20A, and 4mm becomes unsuitable for a 32A ocpd easily with correction factors and length
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    Mcgregor 36v cordless lawnmower not charging

    I'd start by measuring the battery voltage with a multimeter
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    On-off-on for PIR override - The regs UK

    it's fine. I meant to say "you can use L2 as permanent live" (or L1 or com) Use pic 1 and that won't happen, but no I'd have thought it's unlikely. as you say this will initiate a reboot and the light will come on for 30 seconds
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    On-off-on for PIR override - The regs UK

    Picture 1 looks fine, you can use the common terminal as permanent live
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    Octopus want to fit a Smart meter!

    That website is no more than a smart meter promotion scheme. Notable absences from the 'disadvantages' - remote disconnection & hacking. The privacy disadvantage is downplayed. Anyway conventional wisdom here and other places is that smart meters are not complusory at this point, you cliam...
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    9.5kw shower on a 6mm cable in new build

    What brand is the distribution board/MCB's? you wouldn't expect a 40A mcb to chatter even if it was drawing a little more than 40A
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    Wiring a generator for backup power

    You're allowed to switch the earth when you're using alternative supplies with a different earthing system. 543.3.3.101 / 537.1.5 also worth looking at 551.6.2 not a DIY thing I'd have thought
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    Double bank dual RCD Board

    If this is an existing DB both rows are presumably powered already? picture(s) would help
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    Generator earthing to house earth.

    I don't think anyone said it can't be done but making it work and doing it right are different things. BS7430 is inactive now, this from a couple of years ago is a good commentary on different generator setups (and applicable to the UK). There is no one size fits all solution, it depends on the...
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    Generator earthing to house earth.

    What and are you intending to power from the generator in the event of a power cut, and how are you intended to achieve that? What is the make and model of your generator? There are all kinds of issues (and regulations) for using standby/backup generators safely. You can't rely on the...
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    Wiring a generator for backup power

    The 2nd DB could have more circuits/loads (but is there any point in using a 2nd one if you still need to manually regulate the load/switch things off when running on the generator). There still wouldn't be any need to use a plug with greater capacity than the output of the generator to connect...
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    Generator earthing to house earth.

    Why do you need a generator if there's a socket in the shed already?