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    How to wire an extra garage power socket?

    No FCU anywhere, eek! Before you ask, it wasn't me! The garage power was installed sometime before 2004 (red and black wires).
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    How to wire an extra garage power socket?

    Thanks for your reply. The 6A MCB is for the lights. The detached garage must be on a spur from the lower ring circuit. Kitchen CU: The green wire goes to an earthing rod outside. I'm now off to Screwfix to buy the bits.
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    How to wire an extra garage power socket?

    Hello All, Currently the consumer unit and double socket are on the end wall in my detached garage. I'd like to move the socket to the middle of the garage and install another on the opposite wall. So two sockets opposite each other about 3m from CU. How would you do it? Option 1: wire in...
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    Enlarging fireplace, no lintel

    When I did mine I removed one lintel and put five in. My building work was signed off by the stove installer.
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    Questions about ready mixed concrete

    I've emailed three local companies and had no responses. I'll get on the blower tomorrow.
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    Questions about ready mixed concrete

    I need about 1.8m3 of concrete for garden wall footings. How much will it cost? How much to pump it as I live on a hill? What happens if I need more or less? This is the Suffolk / Essex area. Thanks.
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    Digital tv in North west Ireland?

    Look in the TV's menu to change the country to Ireland. On my Samsung press "menu" on the remote then select "channel" and then "country". From there select "Ireland". Then select "auto tuning" within the "channel" menu.
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    How much for a bricklayer?

    The garden wall is now finished. He charged £128 a day. He mixed the mortar himself and laid the bricks at a rate of about 600 bricks a day.
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    what's a comfortable pitch and riser height for stairs

    This website calculates the angle:
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    Builders Removing Bricks

    Checking that insulation is present or a dispute over payment?
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    How much for a bricklayer?

    I've just failed to build a garden wall (750 bricks) and so have decided to quit while I'm ahead. So, I'm looking for a bricklayer in Suffolk. How much do bricklayers cost per day? Also, how many bricks can lay a day with/without a labourer? Thanks.
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    Sick Etesia mower (with Suzuki engine)

    Is this your engine? Check model and serial number. Also, contact donyboy73 on...
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    Sick Etesia mower (with Suzuki engine)

    The carburettor diaphragm needs replacing. They cost about £3.
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    Brick wall footings depth and width

    Summer is here and that means dee eye why! Yeah baby! My project this year is too replace a rotting wooden wall with a double skinned brick wall. The wall has a maximum height of 60cm. Bearing in mind that the drive is concrete, I need to know the dimensions for the footings. Also, do...
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  17. Front wall

    Front wall

    Front wall
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    Cutting bricks with a grinder.

    How about a concrete saw? Like this one:
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    17th edition home study recommendation

    Dear All, I'm hoping to become more employable by doing the C&G 2382-15 course. Please recommend a home study course with the exam centre in Suffolk or Essex. Also, how long does it take? Thanks.
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    Removing fire cement from flue pipe

    Fire cement sets rock-hard. I've used a screwdriver and hammer to remove it. Consider spraypainting over it with heatproof paint. Merry Christmas!