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    Replace Ring Doorbell with Hikvision

    I’m looking at various options to replace my Ring doorbell and perhaps make use of my existing Hikvision CCTV DVR. My DVR is a IDS-7204HUHI-M1/FA/A with 4 TVI ColorVu cameras connected, my understanding is that you can add a further 2 ip cameras. I was wondering if I could use a Hikvision...
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    OLED panel failed

    The engineer has just been to my daughters house to look at her 2.5 year old 55” Panasonic OLED TV that went off last week, it’s a TX-55HZ980B and covered by Panasonic’s 5 year warranty. He diagnosed a screen failure and said they would order a new OLED panel / screen and return in approximately...
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    Connecting to hep2o fitting to speedfit

    In theory it should be absolutely fine, however if there was cause to make a warranty claim you may have a battle on your hands, the only way to joint one brand of pipe to another and maintain the warranty is to use a compression fitting with the correct insert for each pipe and copper olives.
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    Depends on which system you are using, they all require both low pressure and high pressure tests, but the “O” ring first type of fitting (Polyplumb etc) recommends the high pressure test to be at 18 bar. While the “Grip first” type of fitting (Hep2o, PolyMax, Polyfit, Speedfit etc) recommends...
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    Veritas R8 - zone fault but no corresponding PIR!?

    Zone 1 normally, but not always, is the entry / exit zone and more often than not it will be a simple door contact. Seen this a few times, replace the switch and magnet, or you could link out zone 1 just as a check.
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    plumbing a radiator up back to front and upside down

    Single pipe and gravity fed systems are usually piped TBOE, not the best look in domestic installations.
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    wifi cctv camera recommendation please.

    Don’t forget, even if you go down the wireless route you will still need to run a power supply to the camera, so that may determine where the camera can be located. Start by looking at where the best location for the camera / cameras is to capture the area in question, too high and you probably...
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    If I wrap my keyless car key in lead sheet, will that stop it’s signal being transmitted?

    Yes, I never thought that I would be buying one again (I had a Krooklok in the 70’s) but having done a bit of research I opted for a Stoplock Pro Elite although they can be defeated it involves a lot of cutting / grinding, noise and more importantly time all things that hopefully the thieves...
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    If I wrap my keyless car key in lead sheet, will that stop it’s signal being transmitted?

    To me “Keyless Entry and Keyless Start” was the answer to a problem that didn’t exist. Some may say convenience other’s may say lazy.
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    If I wrap my keyless car key in lead sheet, will that stop it’s signal being transmitted?

    Unfortunately the electrical systems on modern vehicles (CabBus) don’t lend themselves to be tampered with like older models. On a few of my early cars in the 70’s it was a simple job of cutting the LT lead to the coil and splicing in a hidden switch or the feed to an electric fuel pump, things...
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    If I wrap my keyless car key in lead sheet, will that stop it’s signal being transmitted?

    I’ve had to buy a Stoplock Pro Elite hopefully as a deterrent to would be thieves, see CCTV footage of a CanBus theft in Birmingham (same make as my car) done by prising the front bumper away to access the near side headlight so that they can do whatever it is they do, all in just over a minute.
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    I’ve had dashcams for many years in a number of different cars, I disliked the way they attached to the windscreen and looked like an afterthought. In my last 2 cars I’ve installed cameras from a company called FitCamX who supply cameras fitted in a shroud that replaces the original one meaning...
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    If I wrap my keyless car key in lead sheet, will that stop it’s signal being transmitted?

    Some keyless entry fobs can be turned off (worth googling your particular model) so they don’t transmit a signal, mine is a “smart” fob that goes into sleep mode when no movement is detected. A quality Faraday pouch or box is a relatively cheap way of preventing this type of theft, another...
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    CCTV camera cable config.

    Have you not still got the plugs so you can test the pin configuration. If not upgrade the cameras
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    Best way to decommission existing wired alarm?

    As above, if your new sensors are going in the same positions or nearby then use the existing wiring where you can. Same with CCTV systems, wired always first choice.
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    Alarm Identification please

    Thanks for your quick reply.
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    Alarm Identification please

    My son has moved into a property with an alarm installed, however all he was given was the alarm code and no manuals. Please can someone identify what system it is so that we can source the user manual. Thanks in advance
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    Professional or not ?

    You can see the recess behind the brown tape where the strap should be fitted, similar to attached detail.
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    Professional or not ?

    No, but on a positive note at least you have a cylinder thermostat (assuming it works)
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    Central heating pipes in concrete floor, best practice?

    As above use Hep2o Barrier pipe in Hep2o conduit, water regs may require pipes in solid floors (excluding UFH pipe work) should be removable. You could use cold form bends to come out of the floor and into the wall or use half of a Hep2o conduit box with a plywood cover with similar at the...