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  2. gasman26

    Poss 15 month old Heat Exch fault - can I seek repair/compen

    It's more than likely a different fault, expansion vessel needs charging or diaphragm is split... Call a local RGI to take a look...
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  5. gasman26

    Vaillant Ecotec 824e F.28 fault

    Tut tut..... British gas engineers working illegally again :D
  6. gasman26

    Reusing a combi boiler without hot water circuit connected?

    You will be able to use the exsisting boiler and add a zone valve for the heating circuit, zone valve for the hot water circuit & you may want to control the new extension with a zone valve & thermostat. (assuming the boiler is sized correctly) You could use the DHW side of the combi boiler to...
  7. gasman26

    Boiler fires up when cover taken off??

    APS or Venturi...... RGI territory.....
  8. gasman26

    Fixing a heavy radiator to plasterboard partition wall

    I would use umbrella fixings though
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  10. gasman26

    Moving a boiler into a Conservatory

    In order to be exempt from building regs consent, the conservatory must: Have at least half the area of the walls formed as windows, doesn`t sound like that will be the case. If you decide to put a radiator in there, you should tee off the primaries of the boiler, and have the extension on...
  11. gasman26

    condensor pipe

    Performa 24he? Do you have to keep topping up the system pressure? Split het exchanger possibly or domestic hot water pre-heat is running.
  12. gasman26

    Replacement Combi bolier

    Is it the duo-tec/platinum 40he? The output for the central heating side wont be as high as 40kw, but from memory the burners on these are fully modulatin according to the heat demand required. Your installer should be able to set them maximum heating load within the parameters of the boiler also.
  13. gasman26

    Replacement Combi bolier

    I accept that my original statement was not sufficiently precise.
  14. gasman26

    Replacement Combi bolier

    :D Now you are just being pedantic...... The statement " so putting in a larger boiler does give you a better flow rate" Was in refering to the example i had used above of incoming mains 20l/min dynamic... It goes without saying, I would assume any gas installer worth his salts will measure...
  15. gasman26

    Replacement Combi bolier

    40kw combi - Without seeing the job it is impossible to say, but unless the boiler is within a few metres of the gas meter then you are going to need a 28mm gas supply minimum.... maybe even 35mm... Your installer will be able to calculate this for you.... With the price of copper this could add...
  16. gasman26

    Replacement for Glow-worm Ultimate 70FF boiler please

    Glow-worm ultimate 70ff is 20kw output, IMHO an 18kw ov boiler would be big enough to run 14 rads & cylinder. But you should use a full house sizing calculator to get get it right as advised, or better still leave it up to a competent engineer to advise & specify replacement. I also agree...
  17. gasman26

    Replacement Combi bolier

    Putting in a larger boiler does not give you a better flow rate. All it will give you is the same flow rate, but at a higher temperature. This was your original statement which is is simply not true. If you had a incoming supply 20 l/min and you installed a 24kw combi boiler, you would be...
  18. gasman26

    Replacement Combi bolier

    I have a dynamic flow rate of 21 l/min in my place, does that mean I need a 52.5kw combi boiler ?