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    British Gas - New System - Are they really the devil?!

    Isn't it a good sign that the plumber you know is busy? Normally that is a sign that the man knows what he is doing and might be worth waiting for. I am not a BG man, never have been. but I have been to quite a few installs where they have messed up big time, but to be fair to them the...
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    Megaflow Pressure and Flow Rates

    To Chris " For all the shower mixers I've seen in the UK, that's wrong, wrong and wrong." I was not refering to all the shower mixers in the UK, I was refering to the hans grohe ones, so either you haven't noticed it or you haven't seen any.
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    Megaflow Pressure and Flow Rates

    Hi, I think you are miss understanding the 3 bar min pressure. First of all, in most of mainland Europe, most mixers are limited to 3 bars, (at least the ones I have worked in i.e. Scandinavia and Germany). All Hans grohe mixers have a pressure limiter at 3 bars, so even if you had 4...
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    Ultimate Heating System

    Hi Prem, The only problem I see with your plan is the pumped shower. I would fit the accumilator and have your bathroom on separate feeds from the other bathrooms. We've done a few of those and you won't have any pressure drop in your shower, (provided your main is good in the first...
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    do i really need a saniflo??

    Without looking at the job, it sounds like it is possible, depends also on where the soilstack is outside. You are doing right though by trying to avoid the saniflo. They are good for their purpose, but if possible it is better (as long as the drop is enough) and cheaper (in most cases) to fit...
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    Underfloor Heating Questions Water

    Hi Sotal, UFH will be able to heat up your conservatory, but only as long as it is done properly, as with the insulation. It is not a diy job, even if some manufacturers claim so. I would make sure it is on it's own circuit with it's own timer as well. In regards to the utility and...
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    central heating

    sounds like the pump is stuck, it is trying to rotate but can't. try whacking it with a spanner, hard but not too hard. you can check if it is rotating by removing the screw in the middle, you will have a little bit of water, but not much, won't even fill a glass. if you take of the screw...
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    Hot water going greeny/brown but house is only 5yrs old

    Hi, I have seen this problem when a hot water circulation is installed through the towel rails but the installer did not install a rust free towel rail, hence after a few years the radiators start to rust from the inside. So you only get the rusted water on the hot water side but the cold...
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    Advice on which underfloor heating system

    Hi, You are saving any cost or time by not removing the floor boards. Which ever method you choose to install on top will require more work than you save, and installing insulating from underneath takes much longer time. What floor finish are you having? If you are going to have tiles...
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    Help with dispute...

    The flue looks to be fitted up to standard, so if you want it moved, I will expect you will have to pay extra for it. Even if they just changed the boiler, they can not use the same flue and unless you ask for it to be diverted, they are likely to to allow for only doing it like they did...
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    maximum heat output per m2 from underfloor heating

    we have been installing underfloor heating for over 20 years. Yet to see an unhappy customer.
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    Water softeners...Guidance needed

    If you can afford it, go for Kinetico. If you can't afford it, save a bit longer, and then go for kinetico. Just make sure you order the high flow kit with it, then you won't have a problem with the flow to the megaflow. Drinking it is fine, a matter of taste. We normally install a hard...
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    maximum heat output per m2 from underfloor heating

    You won't have any problems getting 100 w/sqm on a concrete floor and tiled/stone floor. You can even get higher than that, but it is not recommended since your floor will exceed comfort levels. If your house is a new build it should not need more than 75 w/sqm anyway. It is funny how...
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    Under floor heating screed

    Hi, Use whatever screed you would normally use but two issues you have to be careful about. 1. If you use flowscreed, (pumped), make sure you have plenty of clips to hold the pipes down. Otherwise the pipes tend to start floating. 2. Make sure the screed is completely dry before putting...
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    Installing a Back-to-Wall WC

    If you can afford it, use a geberit or grohe metal frame. Not only are they much less likely to leak, they are also much better when it comes to servicing. Lolli
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    I had a new boiler fitted. Do plumbers charge 25% of the cos

    All these extra charges should have been made clear before he started. Did he say what extra unforseen work there was? Was the quote in writing, detailing what was included? I personally wouldn't be happy to pay these charges, (apart from the extra work if he can justify it). The point...
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    Undefloor heating options and insulation - NEED HELP!

    Hi, You will always struggle to get insulation and screed in 50mm. You don't need to have screed in some cases, like uponors system 12 (quite expensive), floating floor with heat emission plates (50mm plus tiles). Continental also have a slim fix system that might suit you. If I...
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    underfloor heating and worcester 35cdi boiler

    As long as you plumb it in properly, no problem at all.
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    Water Softeners - recommended model?

    The best ones are kinetico. They have 2 cylinders, so you don't have times that hard water gets through into your system. Most cheaper water softeners are set to regenerate in the night, so if the beads are "full" before that, all your water will be hard. Also they waste salt when they are...
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    UFH manifolds

    Hi, 1. The airing cupboard will be warm and cosy. You will have the pipes, the feeds, pumps and manifolds all warming up for you. How much depends of course on how many loops you will have. 2. It is not recommended that you install them upside down. Just loop them around. If you...