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    Ecotec plus 824 cold water inlet valve

    Hi, Ecotec plus 824 cold water inlet valve. Mine's leaking into the fill hose. If I leave the hose connected and isolate at the other side it's usable temporarily but is not...
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    OD of 10 mm female end feed

    I'd like to elbow from 10 mm copper running down a wall (that's to be plasterboarded) to 15 mm copper sticking out of it ready to pick up a TRV (mounted horizontally; rad to be piped TBSE). This orientation: Why - TRV in the correct (horizontal) orientation; clutter free floor; looks less...
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    What is this fitting called?

    What's the name for this in English please? Where you go from male BSP to female BSP, and have a means to disconnect in the centre?
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    Flat face seal 1/2" BSP fittings?

    Hi, I'm using some of these on a job and having a devil of a time finding a 1/2" BSP thingamy to match: The fittings want to look like these...
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    Checking gas supply capacity

    Not in recent living memory; it's been capped for a decade. We'll find out in due course of this meter can supply 6m^3/hr. No gas safe people I've called can answer this question without there being existing equipment hooked up to it. (there is none)
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  7. Gas supply

    Gas supply

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    Checking gas supply capacity

    12.5 mbar apparently. Enough that your hob doesn't blow out and cause a safety issue; not enough to guarantee you're able to run your gas appliances though. Apart from WB (TB 0040) is there anybody else that'll allow commissioning below 21 mBar? That's the type of delay I feared. Looks...
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    Checking gas supply capacity

    Are they obliged to provide 21 mbar @ 6 m^3/hr? Worst case scenario, what the usual turnaround time?
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    Checking gas supply capacity

    Pipework after the meter is not a problem. I'm talking about the supply to the meter: is the main adequate? Many aren't. How do you check?
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    Checking gas supply capacity

    Unhelpful. Most gas safe people seem happy to fit the boilers then check afterwards, with no concern for impact on timetables. For water I'd ask for a dynamic pressure check. What's the equivalent in gas lingo please? I want the check done in advance of planning all the works, not...
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    Checking gas supply capacity

    Is it possible to check the gas supply capacity in advance of fitting a boiler? A site currently runs electric storage heaters from a 100A 3ph supply. (70KVA) The site has a U6 gas meter (6 m^3/hr nominally; previously only used for gas tumble dryers) and we'd like to convert to gas...
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    Socket inside an enclosure a not on a socket circuit

    Will do. :-) Site towards bottom of the airing cupboard and measure flowrate on the cold side. Fortunately the landlord has already cut whacking great vents in the door to try stop the thermal store (Gledhill Pulsacoil III) burning through PCBs like sweets... :shock:
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    Socket inside an enclosure a not on a socket circuit

    Me: Airing cupboards in these flats have a thermal store in them. Immersion heats a vented cylinder and there's a pump + plate heat exchanger for producing mains pressure hot water on-demand. (a godawful Gledhill Pulsacoil III setup) We're logging flowrate and inlet/outlet...
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    Socket inside an enclosure a not on a socket circuit

    Thanks chaps, I'd assumed that a socket 'spurred' straight off the 32A socket breaker in the ring in 2.5 mm^w would be a no-no (A3 radials wanting a 20A MCB) hence feeding from a 6A lighting or 16A immersion MCB. A 2.5mm^2 radial straight from a 32A MCB, if say <1 metre in length, is ok...
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    Socket inside an enclosure a not on a socket circuit

    Hello experts, I'm putting together an energy monitoring system for a social housing application and need a mains socket inside an enclosure. One enclosure sits next to the consumer unit for monitoring electricity use. I need to plug this specific transformer into it to power the...
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  18. Energy Monitoring

    Energy Monitoring

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    Atag or Viessmann

    2 bathrooms is the annoying one. "Just about there" with a combi but not quite. Kid brother looked at: WB Greenstar 42CDi Classic (has the gas supply cranked up to 11 to make more hot water than usual) Atag A325ECX (has flue gas heat recovery to make more hot water than usual)...