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    New Wall mounted internal cistern not filling

    Hi I have a wall mounted internal cistern. It's less than a year old. It's filled by a monsoon pump from the hot press usually, but at night we turn the pump off to stop the noise. Anyway, two nights ago the cistern just stopped filling. I can reach in and move the float up and down but no...
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    Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal 3.0 BAR

    Hi I've a brand new Stuart Turner Monsoon Universal 3.0 BAR installed recently. The problem is that every minute or so it comes on for 3 seconds or so. I cant immediately see a leak anywhere unless its under the floor :( Would a small leak cause this behavior? and Is there any way I can...
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    Painted stove insulated board. Stinks.

    Hi We have an inset stove in the house, where the old fireplace existed. There is some kind of board surrounding the sides and the back of the old chimney place. I guess to protect from the stove heat. Anyway... we ended up painting the board, and now it stinks of chemicals whenever the stove...
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    PVC door frame /door bent/draught

    Hi I notice that up near the top of my door there is a gap between the door and the frame, slight breeze getting in. I can slide a €2 coin easily into the gap. Any ideas on what I could do here? I should also mention that at the top and middle of the door the seal is fine. It's just the 3/4...
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    replacing loo, need to bend waste pipe

    Hi, Im replacing my toilet. The new model has a waste outlet that is much closer to the wall than the original. Now the toilet is over the original hole and I need to cut the wasted under the floor and use a bendy pipe to attach the toilet to it. Im attaching a pic. Can anyone see any...
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    Rock Wool. cut between attic joices or roll over

    Hi, Cutting Rockwoll with a saw in an attic just cant be fun. Do I get any benefit from rolling it out over the beams (parallel or perpendicular) or should I cut it to fit between the beams? I don't use my attic for storage except for decorations and the odd bag of clothes. Thanks!
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    laying techniques differences for semi-solid.

    Hi. I'm due to lay my semi solid floor soon. I've glued laminate and secret-nailed solid plank. Is there any difference to semisolid? is there a usual way this floor is laid? Thanks!
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    plasterboard joint compound alternative

    Hi Can I use bonding or skimcoat as a substitute for jointing compound. I already have the mesh tape over the joints. Thanks!
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    Socket backs - Necessary?

    Hi Im chasing out a few walls in the house for new wiring. Is it necessary to have socket backs? What is their functionality? It would mean a lot more chasing if i had to put them on. Thanks!
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    Honeywell ST9400C installing

    Hi Ive a really old timer that I want to replace. Looking at the timer now I can see that the power goes in on one wire and goes out to the boiler on the other wire. Straightforward. I want to replace it with a Honeywell STC9400C but I can't figure out where the wires should leave to the...
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    IKEA pullout drawer on hinged cabinet

    Hi Anyone ever manage to install an ikea kitchen pullout drawer inside a cabinet that has a hinge. For me it wont come out because the door opens but leaves a few mm kind of inside the width of the cabinet. It looks impossible but the wifey seems to remember IKEA saying it could be done. Thanks!
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    Draft under floor

    Hi, So I pulled up the carpets in my new-old house and saw some lovely pine floorboards. Hardly a mark on them at all. I thought I could save myself a few quid by just sanding and varnishing them. The problem is that there's a gale blowing under the floor. On the front and the back of the...
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    Drained Tank in attic, refilled, now no water

    Hi I drained the tank in the attic, reason being I needed to work on the bathroom cold tap. Anyway, Ive let it refill, and now neither the bathroom cold tap nor the toilets are working. I doubt its a blockage, although maybe gunk from the tank has blocked it. Might also be an airlock...
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    Batton walls for units or fasten to Bricks

    Hi, Before I slab and plaster my kitchen should I think about where the batons should go or should I not think about it and just fasten the units through the slabs into the blocks? Thanks!
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    Marine paint on new floor

    Hi, I was thinking of painting the bare floorboards in the kids rooms with marine paint. For reasons of durability. Anyone ever do the same or even recommend it or against it ? Thanks!
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    Persistant need to bleed. Why?

    Hi, I notice that I'm quite frequently over in my dads house bleeding the same radiator. I open the valves to feed the closed system from the header tank, then I bleed the rad, then close the valves again. A few weeks later the rad is cold again. I cant imagine that air is getting back...
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    Baxi-Solo 2 50 PF works then stops after a few minutes

    Hi, My Baxi-Solo 2 50 PF ignites for a few minutes maybe 10 or more then goes off. All lights are off and the boiler is producing a small humming noise as if something is trying to start. There is no clicking so I guess its not trying to start the pilot. If I leave it off for 10 mins or...
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    New Extension, drafts from recessed lights and sockets

    Hi. I've a new kitchen extension with an apex roof. When its windy outside I can feel a strong draft from the wall sockets and down from the recessed lighting. Ive had a look on the outside and the only place I can think where the air is getting in is from the roof. I don't know about roof...
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    Draught (Draft) from ceiling through recessed lights

    Hi I've a kitchen extension and it has an apex roof. Ive got a wooden ceiling on the inside. There's a fierce draught (draft?) coming in down from the recessed lighting. I'm a little concerned about lashing in expanding foam in between the ceiling and roof, and thus isolating the recessed...
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    Furthest radiators poor performance

    Hi, Ive turned off all radiators except for the two that are last in line from the boiler and pump. They are extremely slow to heat. The 2nd-last rad has hot inlet pipe, cold outlet pipe. The rad is hot at the top and cold at the bottom The last rad has a hot inlet pipe and a cold outlet...