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    Prepping old bare plaster

    I am in the process of stripping wallpaper done about 20 years ago over the original emulsion finish. I am finding that in most places the emulsion pulls off too, so much so that I am having to strip it off as well - it's hard work but it does scrape off fairly easily after 20 secs under the...
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    Leaking conservatory gulley/gutter joint

    A small leak has developed in the corner of my conservatory which I suspect is caused by a failed gulley (metal) to plastic gutter joint which is currently joined with a grey sealer. The conservatory is is about 6 years old. What is the best approach for fixing this or should I go back to the...
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    Advice wanted on buried pipes in kitchen

    :?: I want to run a 40mm waste and 3 15mm water pipes (hot, softened + drinking) about 2m across a kitchen to an island unit. I am OK with digging the channel and adding DPM etc. but I want to know whether it is OK to bury the pipes directly in the screed or should I run them in a conduit. If so...
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    Kitchen waste outlet and DPM

    I am planning to rebuild my kitchen with a sink on an island. The room has a solid floor (house aprox 15 years old). I have been told there should be enough room above the damp proof membrane (DPM) to bury the waste in a channel. However I am not sure what to do at the outside wall as the pipe...