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    Wooden Velux windows maintenance

    Hi all, we have three wooden Velux windows in our loft conversion, which was built around 1999. I noticed that the wooden frames seem to be deteriorating, with white flaky bits and blackened corners. Don't think it was this bad when we moved in about a year ago. Does anyone know if there is a...
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    Leak in the corner of shower door

    Happy new year everyone! We have a leak from our shower door, and I think I've identified the leak to be where the red circle is showing in the first pic, on the outside of the shower door between the door frame and the shower tray base. From the inside (second pic), that area seems to be...
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    External wall feels damp

    Hi all, we are in a 1920/30s end-of-terrace house, with solid walls. The wall in the hallway that is external wall is wallpapered, and it always feels a bit damp. But we have not seen any mould, and the wallpaper seems to be well attached. We are in the middle of repainting the hallway, and...
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    What to do with the gap between kitchen cabinets and wall?

    Hi all, we are repainting the old kitchen in the house we moved into a year ago, and I'm wondering if there is anything we can do about the big gap between the kitchen cabinets and the tiled wall? It's quite a big gap so not sure if caulk can be of any use, though seems like the previous owner...
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    Damp? Old paint came off easily on an external wall

    We were about to paint the back of our living room when I noticed a crack between the doorframe and the wall. As I started stripping around the crack, I realised that the old paint on that wall (an external wall) came off really easily. Wonder if there's any problem with the wall please? I've...
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    What's this plant pls?

    We inherited a few shrubs at the front of the garden from the previous homeowners. They look dead throughout the winter but have recently started producing some quite nice red and yellow foliage (or flowers?). Does anyone know the name of the plants please? So we can better look after them. Thanks!
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    What to do with the ivy on garden wall?

    Hi all, newbie gardeners / house-owners seek some advice please: Our garden wall is fully covered by very thick ivy (see pictures), and we've cut back the lower part of it, leaving old brown stems exposed (haven't been able to reach the upper part yet...). After some googling and reading on this...
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    Leak above ceiling - joists need repairing/replacing?

    Hi all, first thanks to those of you who've replied to my humidity issue post. Glad to report that the humidity has dropped to around 65% now that I've turned up the heating. The dehumidifier has just arrived too which should help further. Now I need to address one of the causes of the humidity...
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    99% indoor humidity... what to do?

    We've not lived in a house before (previously renting in flats) so still trying to get a handle on how to manage the humidity indoor. It's a 1930s end-of-terrace, with solid walls. I've read about the ideas of increasing ventilation and reducing moisture, so have got some measures planned out...
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    Flaky paint on bathroom wall - leak or damp?

    Hi all, we've just had our first floor bathroom renovated a bit in Dec, took out an old shower unit that we don't need, and replastered the wall area and painted it. After last weekend's heavy snow, we noticed that the paint has become flaky in the lower part of the wall (which is a north-facing...
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    Tidying up boiler cupboard

    Hi all, I've got an old boiler cupboard in a bedroom which needs quite a bit of tidying up (see photos). I removed some of the old flaky wallpaper on the wall inside, but other areas behind the pipework etc are hard to get to, and the wallpaper is still well-attached. Wondering if there is an...
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    Crack in garden wall

    Hi all, I trimmed back some ivy growing all over my garden wall, and discovered that there is a small crack running vertical in the wall (see photos). Wondering what I should use to repair it please? Thanks!
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    Gap/hole between window fascia and wall

    Hello, I'm in the middle of painting a small first floor bedroom, and noticed that there are some gaps above the bay window fascia. There is some flaky old foam in place but it falls apart quite easily. Can also feel some draught in the gap/hole on the top left corner (about one finger's width)...
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    Is it worth putting up scaffolding for a few minor repairs?

    When we bought our house, the building survey flagged a few minor issues (not serious or urgent, but worth sorting out) on the roof: chimney pots with no cowling (only wired bird guards), soffits a bit loose (see pics), flashing below one window started to crack (see pic, no evidence of water...
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    Tiling over (drilled through) copper pipe

    I thought there couldn't be an easier job than to fit a shower riser on the bathroom wall, yet my builder managed to drill into a copper pipe hidden in the wall. He fixed the pipe using a connector, but then the problem is that the connector is sticking out a bit (see pic). He suggested two...
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    Do IKEA vanity units leak??

    Hi all, I've bought a nice-looking IKEA vanity basin unit (one with drawers, not cabinets), but my bathroom fitters are having none of it, saying that IKEA pipes are flimsy and will leak easily?? Surely IKEA won't be in the business if that turns out to be true... Any comments or experiences...
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    Trimming fire door?

    Hello, we recently bought a house and are considering replacing the old internal doors with fire doors. Problem is that the box room currently has a short door (189cm) with a transom above. I looked at the fire doors available on the market and most of them are 198cm, and specify that they can...
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    What can I do to these ugly kitchen walls behind units pls?

    FTB bought an old house recently. Vendors removed their white goods, and now I'm looking at the horrible kitchen walls behind the units... This one is an external wall, behind washing machine and dishwasher. I'm wondering if I should/can plaster it as it's exposing some brickwork already...
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    Cracks between old painted-over wallpaper

    Hi, we are FTBs/DIY-newbies. Could someone please give some advice on how to deal with these cracks/holes in old painted-over wallpaper? It's an old house and there seems to be multiple layers of wallpaper underneath, so we want to just paint over them (like previous owners did!) rather than...
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    Remove the shower cube?

    Hi all, I'm buying a house with a guest bathroom on the first floor. The bathroom is a bit small (1.84mx2.38m), and currently has a bath and a shower cube in it which feels a bit crowded (pls see floor plan attached). I'm thinking about removing the shower cube, but not sure what's going to...