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    This poor refugee has come for a better life.

    Man made climate change is not real it is the result of a natural progression of the earth cooling and warming up over a period of thousands of years.
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    Pro Palestine protesters arrested. So the police can do it.

    Apparently the home office is going to close 150 asylum seekers hotels by May. where are they going to put them? Hopefully they will send them back to where they came from...
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    Tip of the iceberg

    Here we go again. Has escaped your notice that we are governed by foreigners. And yes an awful lot of these illegals are criminals in waiting IMO. But then why would you look at the bigger picture?
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    Wondering why today’s storm is nameless

    It's called Olivia.
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    We need to pay £10bn to clean up their mess

    Damn I was starting to agree with you until you blurted out that load of ****e. Idiot.
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    Copying VHS to USB Memory Stick and Attaching "Modern" TV

    On a second hand machine I would think that no video output would be highly likely. I don't know how old the machine is but I would have thought at least 10 to 20 years old. The heads do not like not being used and even if used they do wear out and get gummed up.
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    Tesla magic running low

    But the EV market has slowed to a crawl across the board (as anyone with any sense knew it would). Same with hybrid technolgy although that hasn't been hit as badly. People are turning to petrol. Personally I would never buy a fully electric vehicle and I would only consider a hybrid if petrol...
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    Capped pipes cold ?

    If the pipes are capped there cannot be any flow therefore the hot water will not reach the ends of those pipes. They may well be full of air although that will not be the reason they are cold and that air should be bled out when the new rads are fitted.
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    Billionaire, morally defensible?

    Good on them as long as they pay their way which the vast majority do not.
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    What Have Fourteen Years of Conservative Rule Done to Britain?

    I think we need to pay more tax. As said there is the problem of people not wanting to work especially the 750,000, and counting, who rishi has let in who get huge benefits but do nothing. Of course that isn't going to change unless a party will come forward with the resolve to sort those...
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    Hard drive disposal

    Yes is the answer to that. Even I could recover some if not all data from a disk that has been formatted whether that is a short or a full format and I do not have any sophisticated software or equipment. I will say that is unlikely that anyone would try normally but I always drill three holes...
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    Havana syndrome

    I see the trump idiots have woken up again. Worst scenario If that criminal gets in we will have WW3 and nobody will survive. He will give Ukraine to the ruskies. I have to say though whether he gets in or not I think civil war will come to the yanks because they have an ubundance of idiot...
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    GMX email

    I have no idea why it happens but I have similar problems with hotmail and gmail. British gas cannot send my online bills to my hotmail address but they are able to send me notifications to send my meter readings to that address. Amazon cannot send me notifications of purcases I have made but...
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    Year end. ISAs

    And that is precisely the problem with any financial advice. To us mere mortals most of it, in fact all of it, is gobble de gook. I've got roughly £250,000 some of which is in a, supposedly, safe investment earning me a tax free sum per month. The rest is just in my bank. I used to have a...
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    Climate: The Movie

    It will ruffle a few of the numptie's feathers on this forum that's for sure LOL.
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    Who is attending Church on Easter Sunday?

    Until somebody or something proves to me irrefutably that a diety actually exists then I 100% agree with Stephen Fry and I will not be attending any church for any reason.
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    Bloody Foreigners Taking our jobs? Brexit was supposed to stop this

    Thing is we have, or at least rishi wotisface has, allowed 750,000 and counting so called refugees, a signifanct number illegally, into this country. The British people so far have not had the balls to start any significant industry since thatcher (spit) closed down or sold off all our heavy...
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    Joist screws

    Thing is that Spax screws are a 10x1/5 or 10x2 inch or at least mine are. If you remove those screws the nails will be thinner (I would think). I don't know about CSA screws are but whatever they are they would need to be the same thickness and length as the Spax screws or they could be loose in...
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    New towbar electrics issue

    I fitted a towbar to a car with canbus and it was easy as long as the instructions were followed. Quite obviously the OP's tow bar has been fitted by a bunch of ****ing monkeys. Tow bar fitting isn't cheap take it back and tell them to do it properly.
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    Government acts on housing shortage

    Thatcher started the rot but every government since, including blair's new labour, who I think was as tory as the tories, has carried it on. Starmer is new labour so if he gets in nothing will change, it will probably get much worse.