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    Park Homes - Caravan or Building

    Thats what I thought yet the whole supply set up to the unit is as if it were a caravan. A small enclosure on a pole before the home with an RCD covering the whole installation, and only a 6mm 32A supply to it as well. No good for the electrica hob and double oven they wanted!!!!!!!!
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    Park Homes - Caravan or Building

    Hi, my parents have just moved into a park home and need some major work throughout the place. Some electrical work will be required including new circuits but I am at a quandry with the regs. Do park homes which are essentially a wooden caravan that doesnt move fall into a normal building...
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    LED Lighting in bathroom

    Just finished a bathroom and used LED for the first time. Went with JCC LED7 d/lighters. 7watts usage, very very bright only used 2 in the room. Push fit connections and rachet cable clamp for quicker installations and the best bit 10 year warranty in a domestic situation. The fixed base ones...
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    Two main switches.

    nice mess! did you do a board change in the end and see why they removed the RCD?
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    Dimmer light switch issues

    tends to be just the remote not working.
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    Dimmer light switch issues

    I have one of those in my place and have fitted several in the past. The dimmer learns the remote signal and sometimes after a powercut or whenever it feels like it, it will "lock out" i think its just a glitch in the design. It doesnt happen that often and as you have found out flipping the...
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    Click mode sockets

    Ive had problems with all of the Click range mainly the Switched FCU's. Had no power to extractor hoods or whatever and turned out that whilst it was supposed to be double pole it wasnt switching the neutral on, just the line.
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    Contacting DNO to fit isolator

    When looking at threads it shows similiar ones at the bottom, i often find myself clicking these and before you know it have gone back years on weird and wonderful topics.
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    Contacting DNO to fit isolator For Southern and Scottish Energy, you can remove the main cut-out fuse. As long as you follow the above.
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    MK garage consumer unit tripping out

    You have installed a new circuit - certification should be produced AND building control notified. Just because you a know a little and might "get away with it" doesn't justify you are breaking the law. The fact you havent done any tests could also mean the installation is dangerous - just cause...
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    Certificate Software

    Hi, In the past I have used the AMTECH software for producing certificates with an old company. I have looked at this and PIR FORM or EASYCERT for the job, what do you guys use and have you any issues with anything. Cheers
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    Can you Recomend me a Installation Tester

    I havent used megger for many years but the fluke case is very sturdy and handy for small tools etc had problems with the fuses in the past on the 1651-3 range. I currently use a kewtech KT64, comes with a soft carrycase with shoulder strap so is comfortably portable. I find the leads with the...
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    Galaxy 16+

    done the reset, however the default codes for engineer were 1122 Once all that was in, did a cold start and hey presto 1 blank system ready for programming. Cheers
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    Galaxy 16+

    hi chaps, went to try this today and having fun with the bell box tamper, on the panel i have LF, T, strobe, bell, hold off + and hold off -. Which do I need to short to keep the tamper loop intact when performing the reset. Also when u say enter the coded, the usual 1234 and 5678 or...
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    CCTV help please!

    Apart from second hand, you will struggle to get a system on your budget. With regards quality a digital system can record each camera at differnet resolutions (sizes, just like computer monitor resolutions) and FPS (frame per second) and also quality. I have recently set up a system with a...
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    Galaxy 16+

    Hi, have just fitted a recon Galaxy 16+ panel to a friends business premises. It was supposed to be factory reset, but the usual suspects (codes) are showing as invalid, so i supsect it still has the previous codes setup. This obviuosly I dont know and I need to program the system ASAP as the...
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    EOL and zoning (galaxy)

    I am currently refitting a refurbished Galaxy 16 unit into small commercial premises. From fitting the odd panel years ago I remember that I need 1kohm resistors to use on each detector. If i have one detector per zone I have no problem in wiring the tamper and detection resistors in the PIR...