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    Indirect Pumped CH system - No Hot Water

    just had similar problem look at post direct or indirect was an airlock all along watch the tank in loft doesent flood , good advice given on other threads.think it was kev.
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    Direct or indirect

    thank you to all who helped all working ok now. in the end i put hose pipe to drain cock from boiler outside and to tap blew it through to tank in loft got the info from other posts,alls be well since.thanks again its been an experience, glad i found this forum.
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    Direct or indirect

    two tanks in loft 1 lge 1small cylinder is vented. the fill pipe from small tank goes to lower coil pipe. vent from top coil pipe, been in house 6 yrs been ok up to fitting this cyl, could plummer have mixed up pipework? just a thought!! old pipes etc in garage maybe able to reconstruct to see...
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    Direct or indirect

    what a day!!! have taken cylinder out today, flooded airing cupboard[wife not happy] it is indirect with a coil in it.flushed out coil just to make sure, refitted cyl just the same, tried to bleed cylinder by undoing unions on coil water is now heating up in reverse flow to before ie hot water...
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    Direct or indirect

    may sound daft but how can i tell now its fitted the old cylinder has gone as well how do i know which one it should be thanks
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    Hot water tank choice

    sorry dont know about cylinder but water pressure will be same surely, as that determined by tank in loft or wherever it is.
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    Direct or indirect

    Direct or indirect that is the question following on to my first post i got no feedback. new cylinder fitted, could it be possible the wrong one was fitted. what is the difference?which part of the system h/w, c/h,or boiler is drained by outside drain tap. Ideal classic water keeps...
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    What is this Drain - Mystery ???? Full Photo Story

    could try local council for plan of drains in area might turn something up
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    worcester junior 24i/ noise.

    sounds like air bubbles being forced round system by pump keep bleeding system
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    I have the booklet for this rs240=40000 rs250=50000 rs260=60000 anything else ? no prob
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    intermitent hot water

    i've just had a newish hot water cylinder fitted by a qualified plummer (allegedly) he had to fit new couplings etc. now every few days the hot water goes cold, to get it going again i drain of a couple of pints from the drain valve outside and its ok for afew days.c/h works ok.boiler is 6 years...