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    Vibration diagnosis quashqai 63 reg 1.6 petrol j10

    I see you had to remove engine mount for access ,engine mount may be slightly out of align /under stress from original position. trying losing bolts rocking engine by hand gentle then re tighten bolts up. I had this problem when a clutch was done on a fiesta Worth a try
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    Loss of tyre pressure

    They should check the trye with the correct operating pressure in the trye not 60psi. As that high pressure could push the the wall of the trye hard up against the rim of the alloy and seal it. When drooping the pressure back down it could cause the tyre wall just to move back of the alloy rim...
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    Split-load Switch / RCD flipping down repeatedly

    check the outside socket for water ingress and any outside lights make sure you isolate power before hand
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    Radiators in one room not heating. Tried bleeding what next?

    This will help explain what a pin in the trv is .
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    Banging noise from next door

    If you say its at at a regular time ask your neighbor's in so that they can hear it . May help
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    MOT question

    3rd brake light not legal requirement ,but if fitted must work
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    Spraying windscreen of frozen car not advised?

    washer jets will freeze even with antifreeze in the washer bottle. Most of the time the jets freeze due to moisture in the air That is why the good old electric washer jets where invented
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    Putting power sockets in the loft

    For safety may be worth having a emergency light fitted as well, so in case of power failure for any reason you can see what you are doing . Or at least have a torch stored in EASY place to access.
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    Strange noise from 2011 VW polo

    Take it back to the garage they diagnosed it as brakes. Ask them to have another look for free. When up on ramp a lot easier to see what's going on
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    Capping central heating pipes

    If you cant remove water for soldering or awkward to get at to solder, I would go with compression fittings with a smear of jet blue(other makes available)on the olives
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    Purpose of the rubber and piece of metal in a water engine pump

    Face of belt drives the water pump, in case of water pump failure the belt will not be damaged (in theory) if it was a tooth drive on pump it would. I cant remember but some cars used the water pump for the tension of the timing belt(been some time now) lol
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    Help - installed a new battery the wrong way round!

    The main live battery lead has a fuse built into about 150 amps which can not be replaced part of the wiring . To check this is ok follow the main live lead down to the starter and with your meter see if you have power to it where it connects to the starter This will prove if fuse has blown or...
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    2007 petrol fiesta intermittent starting

    try the starter relay ,should be a four pin relay ,you can try a donor relay from your fuse box to confirm fault
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    Toilet Blocking

    have you tried flushing the toilet with a bucket of water poured down the pan. Try that for a few days to see if that works If it does you can try cutting back the volume of water used (ie 9 litres to 8 and so on) to see when it blocks up again on what volume of water.
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    Car stereo keeps losing power/rebooting

    Depends on model of car. Some can be turned on without ingtion on but only stay on for a limited time ,to save battery if forget to turn off. Some models auxiliary must be turned on before radio will work
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    Car stereo keeps losing power/rebooting

    You have a live feed to the radio constantly so you dont loss preset radio stations . The auxiliary feed comed from when you turn ingtion to auxiliary or start this puts a feed to your radio so you can turn it on and dont leave it on when ingtion turned off. It must be wired wrong as the stop...
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    Car stereo keeps losing power/rebooting

    If you do not lose radio presets then it must be an issue with the auxiliary feed to the radio. It should not go on and off on the car start stop system. A car electrician should short this out very quickly
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    Car stereo keeps losing power/rebooting

    Do you lose the pre sets for the radio stations when this happens ? Is it a removeable face radio ?