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    Texecom Premier Elite old style USB-COM interface cable firmware upgrade

    many thanks, thats good to know, i'll hang fire on the newer type lead. Last time I tried it, the bell sounder went off when I plugged in the flasher interface. have to some reading up to do on the firmware upgrade process
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    Texecom Premier Elite old style USB-COM interface cable firmware upgrade

    Hi There, I have an old style USB-COM interface cable (see attached pic) that i am currently using with Wintex on my premier elite 48. As am now looking to upgrade the firmware as its still on v3.02 Can i use the existing cable or do i need to invest in the newer JAC-0001 cable. Also when...
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    wired outputs are available on Texecom wireless keypad

    Hi there, Do the ricochet Texecom keypads (GCE-0001) have any wired connections if i want to use it with a wired setup. I need to wire it to a single zone. Thanks Naz
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    Wintex forgotten login password

    I have recently installed a premier elite 48 and programmed it using Wintex on my laptop. A couple of days ago I decided to add a user account on Wintex to secure the application 'just in case'. i have now forgotten this password! I have passwords to the engineer, master and user codes that i...
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    Texecom COM2400 SMS Problems

    I am having exactly the same problem. Would be really interested to hear from you if you have sorted it. When I run a test call, should I able to hear the modem sounds ? I get the waiting to connect, then it retries then am left with a message saying "Idle, successful". however no SMS...
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    Moving Gas Meter

    Ouch! I did not it would cost anywhere near to what you paid, I dont think the homeowner has a clue as well and is likely to scrub the idea all together! Many thanks
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    New Blowtorch

    Thanks for the posts, sounds like a good piece of kit, will probably end up buying it. Thanks
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    Moving Gas Meter

    I am currently managing a house refurb for a family friend and one of the things he wants is to have the gas meter moved outside in an enclosed cabinet. The meter is currently situated in the front room next to the external wall, I want the unit moved to the same position but on the outside...
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    New Blowtorch

    I am planning a new bathroom and will need to replumb the piping to suit the new layout. My existing Taymor blowtoch is playing up and am now considering moving up a notch to something a bit more professional. I have used my dads old benzomatic and have found these to be good models with plenty...
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    Vaillant VRC 430 requirements

    Sorry should have said boiler will be installed in utlitiy room that is not likely to have the same temp as the rest of the house, in fact it dont even had any rads, hence the reason to have it fitted in a living area. I have read elsewhere that the cable is 2 two core .75mm. Thanks.
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    Central Heating Set up with Weather Compensator

    I am considering the VRC 430 with a Ecotec exclusive. I am considering siting the 430 in the living room, but this operates a gas fire most of the day. Is this a problem? My other choice is the hallway but its long and narrow at around 25ft, will have one rad approx 10-12ft away from my...
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    Vaillant VRC 430 requirements

    Hi there, I am considering replacing my existing Ravenheat with a Vaillant Ecotec Exclusive. I had planned to have it done in the next couple of weeks but have delayed things till the summer. My supplier has given me sold me on the idea of the VRC 430 weather compensation controller. I...
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    Service manual required for Ravenheat RSF 820/20

    H there, Any chance you can email me the pdf? The boiler is on it's last legs but I am hoping to get winter out of it before I upgrade. Just noticed a tear leak from one of the copper pipes that goes into the heat exchanger. It's dripping on the control box!! so need to get this looked...