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    Combining different systems

    Yes, I've used it loads, it has lots of plugins supporting all manner of the weird and wonderful from the cheap and cheerful to mainstream stuff. I only have some ZigBee sensors and sockets and a few Wi-Fi mains relays and some control of my heating. It's Linux based but the install images hide...
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    How to weatherproof a pre-terminated RJ45 cable? Cable gland that's large enough for plug leaves too much space around cable

    Reterminating the connector on the cable is the cleanest option all day long.
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    POE lighting

    Well, it's Cisco, when you're the one producing Ethernet hammers everything looks like a nail. The newest switches for our our latest install support the latest IEEE PoE standard (802.3bt) which is 90w over 4 pairs, the switch has two power supplies for a total PoE budget of 2200W according to...
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    Battery Pack For CPAP

    And measure how much current it needs rather than the plated value, 6.6A is a substantial draw if it's doing it continuously from a battery but I bet it's not
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    Battery Pack For CPAP

    You can get usb-c -> DC leads pre-wired which is presumably the "CPAP charging cable" they're referring to (not supplied)
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    Battery Pack For CPAP

    It's not on the type A connector, it'll be on the type C but type C requires negotiation which the device or a breakout board has to do. Powering off a type C in some way is probably the way to go though as those types of battery packs are more "mainstream" so will be cheaper and more available.
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    Plumbing lecturer

    Sort of, pension rights got migrated across when FE colleges were separated from the local authorities. Teaching staff are on the Teacher's Pension scheme and support staff are part of the Local Government Pension scheme, both public sector.
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    Mystery Box #1

    It's a Krone voice block inside a usual voice enclosure. Doesn't look like normal telecoms given the choice of what looks like cat5(e). My best guess would be an intercom system for a block of flats which would also tally with the huge number of outputs on the tv amp. Is this utility room solely...
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    Solar, with no mains supply available

    Does it even need a mains inverter or just a charge controller? What are they powering? Lights? CCTV camera? Mobile phone charging? Off grid solar is all about the power budget.
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    90V AC potential to ground, occasional tingling sensation

    Redundant laptop PSUs from reputable brands can be a good source of half decent 18-19v PSUs. Your chances of finding one of those with the correct centre pin negative connector are more or less zero though so would require the connector to be rewired.
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    Radiator pipes + Ethernet cable runs

    I seem to recall cat5 cable tied to heating pipes at a previous job's old building and never saw any ill effects, do have to mind kinks and snagging if you're pulling through.
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    Is there such a thing?

    Perhaps over the top for one sensor but Home Assistant has an android/ios app and allows you to easily do notifications based on whatever sensors it can see which can include esphome/esp or zigbee depending on what sensors you want to use.
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    Smart meter ?

    If it's the same system you've previously posted about the inverters are listed as doing all of the following: Advanced Weather compensation programming Octopus Agile Tariff Ready Octopus Outgoing Tariff Ready Octopus Go Tariff Ready Grid Share Incentive ready Smart export control on both AC &...
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    LAN oddity

    DHCP leases are an allocation of an address for a certain amount of time, standards compliant DHCP servers won't allocate an address it's already assigned a lease for but if it's a device where it doesn't have persistent internal storage and it's powered off it's possible. If you have multiple...
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    LAN oddity

    Double allocation shouldn't normally occur with DHCP allocation as the client (and sometimes the server) will check if the address is in use. Whilst the information on the router may be useful I'd not rely on it, I'd look at the clients and check which DHCP server it thinks it's fetched an...
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    Opening Up That Can Of Worms Again!

    Contriving unlikely edge-case scenarios whilst there's any amount of dodgy new kit out there. Brill.
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    Are these connectors man enough

    It'll be "permitted temperature rise" or somesuch which may even be measured over different time periods. Given Flameport's test videos of overloading Wagos to ridiculous levels the cables would be glowing red hot all over the place before the connector fails.
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    Are these connectors man enough

    It's in their linked knowledgebase/FAQ The approval criteria are different.
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    Cityfibre and location of ONT

    Straight runs of surface mount trunking may be alright but I can see them having issues with something going underfloor due to the possibility of kinking or damage and ease of replacement. They'll also want to supply the pigtail, they're not likely to use something customer provided.
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    Frozen pipe in utility loft. Lagging stop short of cavity wall

    Foam will be fine on the pipe and wouldn't damage it, it's sold to seal around pipe gaps and you can use it for damping water hammer issues. If you can get at it with a hair dryer is it not possible to wrap some of the wrap around lagging round it rather than the foam stuff?