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    new house and the alarm company want £140 for the engineers code

    Have you not tried the normal code reset procedure?
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    Nominal power of a oven

    Free standing cooker with Gas hop, i thought the power consumption was the main info. Any how what do you recommend?
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    Nominal power of a oven

    I've just found the product info on a website Its states 30amp supply required, so I'm guessing dedicated circuit? I'm asking on behalf of a plumber who's putting in the gas feeds he just wants to know if the clients needs to arrange for a sparks to put in a feed as he didn't notice an...
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    Nominal power of a oven

    Hi Thanks fo the respone Image attached smeg suk62mfx I got the wattage from a manual I found online, but I don't thinks its the exact model having just checked again
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    Nominal power of a oven

    Hi, would this be the value used when calculating the cable size. Could this be connected to the kitchen circuit Or a is a dedicated supply required? "Nominal Power: 5.4 kW Supply can vary depending on usage, please consult a qualified electrician for ampere requirement"
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    RJ45 Data Socket Question

    That doesn't look like a RJ45 data socket. Its a telephone socket Have a search on the site below.
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    YALE alarm HSA600 tamper issue

    Unfortunately removing the spring won't help you. It will cause the sensor to be in permant tamper. You would probably need to solder a link onto the PCB to permanently bypass tamper protection. Use a working contact from a different location on your front door, and look at replacing the faulty 1.
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    Loft light; confusion with wiring style

    You won't be able to pick up your feed from this partular lighting point. Check the rest to see what the look like.
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    gate access

    Yes that particular product is self contained. Fit whatever suits the level of security your trying to achieve. I was just giving an example of a job I've done in the past, as someone was questioning the task altogether.
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    gate access

    Hi, I've fitted a maglock on a back gate of a domestic property. I used an ACT standalone keypad This will have an input for your exit buttons. External exit button I would definitely...
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    Which app alert alarm that can power two bell boxes ??

    If your concerned about current draw just fit an addition PSU or powered expander, job done.
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    scantronic 9651 entry stray question

    You want to leave the Pir as normal alarm. The system should go into full alarm if the Pir is triggered. The programming must not be correct. I would need to check the manual to check why the entry time is being extended. I'm a bit rusty on these panels.
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    Any one got an old concorde 4 or equiv?

    I have a GE Aritech ATS1000 (advisor master) available if thats any good for you??
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    Socket on lighting circuit (warning, pointless squabbling removed)

    Having just googled an image the device why do you actually want to the mount the device to the ceiling. What are you trying to achieve?
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    Risco Lightsys 2 wiring

    I think if your attempting to install a professional security you should know the basics ie wiring a PIR. The honeywell galaxy range for example doesn't even come with a manual. What pirs do you have, they normally come with instructions. You should have power terminals N/C relay terminals And...
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    System setting fault on empty zone

    link out any unused zones using a short length of cable. Or check the manual for zone types you should be able to programme the zones as unused
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    Galaxy Alarm advice please

    Its just a case of reseting and remove the engineer/ remote reset function. Ignore panel change and upgrade suggestions Just speak with the company that just serviced it. its their fault as the setting should have been switched off when they serviced/ took over your system
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    Mains powered siren/sounder

    Why mains powered? Whats wrong with a 12 or 24v sounder. What exactly are you trying to achieve.
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    Lightsys & ELMDENE INT500

    You've got the alarm panel trigger going to the battery terminals of int500? Thats wrong Bell + should go to H+ LS - should go to m- You then need a permanent negative from the panel to H- at the sounder. The LS on the alarm panel set to sab sounds right See how that goes