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    Just a quick adhesive/grout question

    Hi, I plan to tile my shower next weekend and I am a little confused by which adhesive to use - I have a large format tile 300x600mm and the adhesive needs to be waterproof, I was looking at the dunlop range but dont know which one to get or indeed where to buy it from? The tiles are...
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    Hi Guys, I have just ripped out my lovely 1200mm shower tray due to leaking mosaic bricks, Im left with a thermalite shell, can you aquapanel directly onto the thermalite like traditional plasterboard? Thanks Any questions please let me know Andy
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    Quick slabbing question

    I currently have loads of crazy paving which i intend to dig out and lay a mixture of slabs and decorative chippings. The slabs are 450mm squared riven. I was planning to level of the soil and then lay the slabs on a wet mortar bed, i as just wandering how wet this bed should be and what...
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    Is this a reasonable price?

    Tony, what do you actually get from corgi, some kind of certificate now or just a standard letter and do i have to have this to show the building inspector as the boiler is in a new extension Thanks
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    Is this a reasonable price?

    Hi, ive misplaced the benhmark certificate but he did fill it in and the inhibitor was called fernox or enox, just cant remember at the moment. He also gave me a receipt with the corgi number on it and said he would notify them. Cheers
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    Is this a reasonable price?

    thanks guys, he has done a good job. The reason is was questioning the price is that most of the plumbing was already done for him including the gas pipe (this was all brand new) as i said he just came, connected 2 rads and the boiler including the flue and the condensate and pressure safety...
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    Is this a reasonable price?

    Just had the final bill from the boiler installer £400 to install a ferolli f30b. Basically all the plumbing was within 1 metre of the boiler including gas pipes and eletric supply. He had to put the flue straight out, drill straight behind for the condense and safety overflow, and hang and...
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    Mixing 10mm microbore and 15mm pipes in CH

    Hi, when i did the heating, the ceiling was down so i chased the pipes down the wall and then plastered over, all the pipes drop from above and come out behind the rad. Cheers Andy
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    My boiler and its hot water problems

    Hi, thanks for the reply, the feroli man checked the flow valve, and said its ok - do you think its an installation or ferroli issue, this is driving me nuts. The ferroli engineer did suggest a non return valve on the cold inlet also, but i just think that there are some other issues as...
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    My boiler and its hot water problems

    Hi, i have a 6 month old ferroli f30b. The problem is that its basically pot luck to get hot water from the boiler: the symptoms are as follows which again dont happen all the time and neither do they occur together: 1) the boiler will look as if its going to fire up for hot water even though...
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    Minimum soil pipe slope from lavatory?

    If you cant get the fall, then maybe you can screw some 3x2 to the joists to lower the ceiling, thats how i did it. Dont use a saniflow Andy
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    Feroli f30b problem

    Guys my f30b is about 6 months old but its pot luck if you get hot water from it, sometimes you do, sometimes you dont. It doesnt matter if the heatings on or off but i have noticed that sometimes the hot water comes through but it doesnt swith the heating off (the tap light doesnt come on)...
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    Fitting a laminate worksurface to a belfast sink

    Why not use timber around the sink only and then laminate on the rest of the kitchen, or fit it in a kind of stand alone style. But the others were right dont waste your time on this. Andy
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    Connector bolts

    Sorry i didnt read the post properly. Andy
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    Connector bolts

    use normal screws behind the hinge plates and behind the edge of the shelves, that way you dont see any screws, looks neater than those connectors but only iff you havent got hundreds of holes in the cabinet in the first place. Andy
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    Kitchen worktop options?

    Oh BTW forgot to mention the fira test for doors: Hold doors at arms length in normal lighting condition, in normal plane and if you cant see the fault within 5 seconds then its a pass. So when a guys is lying on his worktop looking up at a doors at 4:16 waiting for the sun to come over...
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    Kitchen worktop options?

    I think alot of retailers make problems by say having a laquered door on a display, quoting a customer on that door and then thinking they can save money by supplying a vinyl alternative. If you are looking for a perfect gloss door, dont buy vinyl use parapan or laquered but pay the price...
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    building unit for washing machine

    hi, you usually use a min width of 650 (better to be 700) this gives room to pull the machine in and out, the cabinet is normally 650 deep also, due to waste and plumbing. Build your cabinet 700 wide and go back to your supplier for 2 of 345mm doors or you will have to use 1 of 395 and 1 of...
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    Kitchen worktop options?

    Glue is only one factor, the main issue is inconsistant MDF density or supply problems of MDF. For example MDF suppliers sand there MDF board, but depending on the sanding run you can get varied results, depends if you are using the first board off the line or the last. Whenever you moan they...
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    Inspiration for Internal Dividing Doors

    Mate i had an opening of 1500 mm and fitted 2 sliding doors from coburn using there pocket hideaway kits, used 2 of the kits and built them into a stud partition so they slide away into the wall. This way they dont intrude into either room. WIll try to get a pic for you. But i would reccomend...