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    Welded cill corners. Prone to discolour?

    He probably only sands the welds down. If the are not buffed up to a sheen after that they will absolutely discolour. Cill connectors look awful. I would go somewhere else.
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    bi folding doors

    this is about a month old, so you may have done something about this by now. We've started fabricating schuco doors (bifolds, doors and patios) we looked into different systems before deciding that schuco was the best one we could make - not the cheapest mind you. They are so solid and run like...
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    Bifold Doors

    Retaining catches - for your main door with the more protruding handle fix the catch onto the top horizontal of the door leaf, roughly in the middle. This way it will catch before the handle hits the other frame. If it's still going to hit move it more towards the hinge side.
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    Reversible or tilt and turn windows? GGF? Is this BS?

    My company makes Rehau. We sell far more tilt and turns than reversibles, reversibles look chunkier, you can see the hinges from the outside (because of the way they operate) and they only seal against one face instead of two (because of the way they operate) We supply and fit but don't come...
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    Finding a builder to install a window

    there he is!!!!
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    Trickle vents

    The way you're going on anybody would think you don't actually want vents.............
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    Looking for 2100mm wide patio door set in white UPVC

    anywhere else that supplies patios, in other words a proper supplier.
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    Trickle vents

    exactly, it's stooopid.
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    Trickle vents

    for all the company knows you could have a passive venting system and don't want vents in the windows. BTW vents will soon be outlawed anyway from 2016 in new builds
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    Trickle vents

    the drawings you submitted, did they show or mention trickle vents anywhere? Did you get an order acknowledgement from them prior to manufacture? If the company was supplying and fitting the windows, it's their responsibility to ask you. If they are only supplying, it's your responsibilty...
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    Can wooden window frames be replaced with UPVC?

    You can't re-use the glass. You wouldn't want to anyway.
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    Strange 'tamper proof' retaining screw on UAP euro cylinder

    just looked at the picture, I can't see how it can be anything else other than a chewed philips/pozi through overtightening or incorrect bit used. Everything in the photo points to just that..... :roll:
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    big gap in PVC windows and doors

    no prob will email you tomorrow. They will work good btw. :)
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    big gap in PVC windows and doors

    Yes,[/url] but they might be profile specific. We use rehau ones that work on pretty much all systems, if you want i will post you some of them out, couple of pounds will cover the postage.
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    big gap in PVC windows and doors

    thats why i said to fit them at both sides along the top of the sash
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    big gap in PVC windows and doors

    You could change the hinges or, if they are not broken and just need a little help (we all need a little help sometimes after all) you can fit "pull in" window wedges at both sides along the top of the sash. These will help pull it in really tight. There may be one fitted at the moment to the...
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    big gap in PVC windows and doors

    If the gap gets bigger on the top the hinges are not pulling the sash in properly, it should be as tight at the top as it is at the bottom.
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    Cracking noise in double-glazed window. Why?

    No 1: Does the tilt and turn "crack" when you are turning the handle to lock, or just randomly cracking when it's shut? No 2: You should use silicone, not mustard to seal windows.
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    Composite door brands - which one?

    Haven't used door stop, but i know they are pretty much the biggest selling comp door manufacturer. We use Window Bureau (WB Group) and wouldn't go anywhere else.