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    Moving house with Yale smart alarm

    I have posted in detail about this here: Scroll to the end of the first post for what outgoing owners need to do.
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    Yale Security Systems Change Of Ownership

    I have just been through the fairly tortuous process of helping my daughter and son-in-law take over control of a Yale Alarm and CCTV system at their new home. Since it took us a couple of months to sort it all out, I thought I would share some information here, in the hope that it saves others...
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    Who makes Parkside Tools from Lidl,

    I also have a very high opinion of Parkside tools - they are well built and work better and last longer than the other cheapo brands. For occasional or secondary use they are excellent value. I found this thread while trying to decide whether to buy a Parkside generator that is in Lidl here...
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    heater element candy CD623 dishwasher

    My Candy CD623 died with a loud bang, and tripped the house RCD. I thought the heating element must have exploded so I went looking for it. I finally found it, it's inside the left hand side panel. To get to it, lie the machine down on its right hand side, remove the plastic kicker panel, then...