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    fitting a shower pump

    I currently have a mixer shower fed off a gravity fed system(cold fom CWSCin loft, hot from hot water cylinder). i intend to fit a twin impeller shower pump and locate it in the airing cupboard near hot water cylinder, do i need to exchange the exising shower valve and riser aswell or will the...
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    Hi, could anyone tell me if your removing a concealed shower mixer valve, is it possible to replace it with an exposed valve on another wall within the encosure by stripping wall back to stud work and re-routing pipe work?? PLEASE HELP!!
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    soil pipe runs

    Its approx 2.5 metres
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    soil pipe runs

    Hi, could anyone tell me what the maximum soil pipe run is? and what percentage it has to fall-away towards the main soil stack? Cheers! (fitting a new toilet)[/b]