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    Can you walk off a job???

    i have a boiler that makes a noise when it starts up. it didn't use to do that. what could be wrong with it? how much would it cost to fix it??
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    stripping walls and ceiling

    It all depends how well the paint has adhered to the surface and how sound the surface is. You might want to lightly sand the paint to give it a key, then repaint over the top. Best way to get paper of is too use hot water with vinegar mixed in, score the paper surface or use a 'papertiger'...
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    Bad plastering

    Nowadays there is no requirement for the cables to be capped with that plastic rubbish, as long as it's installed in the areas set out by the recent building regs. So you can have the cables clipped to the wall with cable clips which obviously allows plaster better adhesion to the wall. In...
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    Lining paper and joint filling

    In general if the lining paper is well hung (no pun intended) you'd need little filling. Though I do use filler where absolutely necessary to ensure the best finish possible. Lately I have been using the non-woven papers which apply much easier and quicker and don't tend to shrink. So you get...
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    Toilet troubles!!

    The house mate was on my computer didn't realise it was under my post name Kevplumb will reply tommorow
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    cold rads -- sometimes ???

    try balancing cant do any harm as long as you remember what was set where before you started :)
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    No HotWater or CH

    how do you get the pilot light to say "increase" more info please
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    Toilet troubles!!

    no probs its easy with the instructions in front of you six months later altzhimers and all that or did i just say that i think :lol:
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    Toilet troubles!!

    ill see if i can find out tomorrow for you :)
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    vaillant turbomax

    weargas spot on considering he is p**sed same conclusion had to open front first. many thanks etc. etc. :D
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    vaillant turbomax

    will look at it and let you know when his nibs falls :? in from the pub
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    vaillant turbomax

    drip is from large plastic curcular thing on the right looking from underneath
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    vaillant turbomax

    242 drip is from bottom white plate
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    vaillant turbomax

    hi guys heating is fine hot water is fine have a drip from bottom of boiler and the hot water light is always half on any ideas ?
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    breezer are you a plumber ? i dont think thats what kev meant
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    What is the difference between hobs?

    Ceramic hobs have a traditional (resistive) heating element under a ceramic top. Halogens have a halide surrounded element under a ceramic top. The latter is much quicker to heat up and cool down, making it more similar to a gas hob. :)
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    Extractor fan and shaver socket in bathroom

    Cheers guys. The fan is like this one (but with a pullcord attached to it for neatness) It's not a SELV and will be IP44 mounted in zone 2. Does that need to be on an RCD? How do you get an RCD spur of a lighting circuit without an RCD? The shaver socket does comply with BS EN...
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    Extractor fan and shaver socket in bathroom

    Hi, Can someone please tell me the best way to wire a pullcord extractor fan (not to turn on with the light switch) and a shaver socket in a bathroom. The lighting circuit or the ring main? :? The upstairs main ring is protected by an RCD, but the upstairs lighting ring isn't. I know...