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    Fuse Board Noise

    Hi Our fuse board makes a buzzing noise every so often, I think this is something to with the supply to the storage heaters in our house, when I pull back the fuse marked as the "contactor supply" the noise go straight away , its a 5amp fuse. Any help would be super Kind Regards
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    Mixer Shower Slow Flow on Cold Feed

    HI No shower pump , if it was an air lock what would be the best way to clear the lock out of the cold water pipe its fed from the water tank in the loft. Many Thanks
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    Mixer Shower Slow Flow on Cold Feed

    HI All I fitted a new manual mixer shower , the cold feed comes for the water tank in the loft, I also fitted a full bore valve on the pipe but the cold is running slower than before I fitted the full bore valve (the hot water is running fine)making the shower slow, due to me having to drain...
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    Shower Pump Questions

    Not with your replies I won't :wink:
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    Shower Pump Questions

    I will have to put the pump in the loft due to the pipes for the shower being there also the cylinder the hot water comes from for the shower is in the loft.Also cannot put the pump anywhere else. Many Thanks
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    Shower Pump Questions

    Hi After reading the instructions on my shower pump its states that the push flexi hoses should not be bent is this right not even abit. Can I ask what is the best way to frost proof the shower pump I will be fitting as its going in a loft. Many Thanks as Always
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    Shower Pump Fitting Advise

    Hi All Looking to fit a shower pump after having a read I will need to fit an Surrey flange on the cylinder to stop air getting in the pump. Any tips to make the fitting and running of the pump easier would be a great help. Many thanks
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    Does Over Cladding/ Capping Fascia & Soffits Work OK?

    HI Had a quote for new Fascias/soffits and guttering, but the guy wanted to put the new pvc Fascias over the Existing Wooden Fascias (Over Cladding) the wood is not in bad condition, Is this a reliable way on fitting Fascias or should the wood be taken off first. Anyone that has has new...
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    Fascia, Soffits & Gutting Cost

    What would be the average materials cost Rob
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    Repairing Cracks in Sold Floor

    HI Looking to Repair Solid floor inside our home there are cracks around the doors , had this checked and they are not structural problems, just wondering the best way to fix them I think maybe a self leveling compound. Many thanks
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    Fascia, Soffits & Gutting Cost

    what would the materials cost be thank you
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    Fascia, Soffits & Gutting Cost

    £3400 for what please?
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    Fascia, Soffits & Gutting Cost

    HI ALL Looking to get new Fascia, Soffits & Gutting Cost on a two storey 4 bed detached house , just wondering what the Material cost would be including bird guards/eaves guards, and the overall cost of overcladding and the Option of ripping the old wooden stuff off and starting from...
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    Measuring New Double Glazing Units

    HI All I need to replace a few Double Glazing Unit just the Glass not the frames, I am right in saying I can measure them by starting point with the tape measure where the beading meets the frame then finish where on the other side where the beading meets the frame to get the correct size...
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    Cutting out Brickwork and Blocks for UPVC Door and Fitting

    Hi All Looking to Fit a Door Standard UPVC in the side of our garage so we do not have to open the main up and over one each time, but I have got to cut the brick and Block work out for the door to go there, I take it I will need an angle grinder type tool with a 12" diameter Diamond disc to...
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    Removing Rubber Seals(Gaskets) in UPVC Windows

    Hi All I am trying Remove the Rubber Seals(Gaskets) on my 10 year old UPVC Windows ,the rubber seals on are the outside and having a nightmare trying to pull them out they are so tight,this is so I can remove the windows beading in order to replace a double glazing unit. Any advise on how...