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    Texecom Veritas 8 Alarm Panel Help!

    Hi guys, new to this forum so just like to say hello to anyone thats reading.... a few years ago a friend of mine gave me a veritas 8 alarm panel, I was just talking about wiring my shed upto my current alarm system or putting a simple little one with a loud siren in just for the shed, shortly...
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    RGB LED Help

    yes it is, il have to pick some diodes up from maplin, its the only place near me. don't suppose you could recommend one could you?
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    RGB LED Help

    Hi Guys new to this forum so be nice please :) Basically I have 3 RGB LED strips in my kitchen controlled by a basic RGB controller (2x2m 1x 0.6m), the 0.6m length I would like to have a switch to bridge the 3 RGB pins together to create white whilst the other 2 strips are still...