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    1st PowerFlush

    nice in the summer :wink:
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    Shower advice

    make sure it's a thermostatic mixer :wink:
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    1st PowerFlush

    best way is to wait and see you never know what might leak. but i always get them to read my terms then sign before i start, warning them that any rads,valves,pipework etc that has corrosion may well cause problems during powerflushing. so if any rads etc do go during powerflushing thats down...
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    Shower advice

    thermostatic mixer is better than a electric shower. powershower you can't have with mains hot/cold
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    . Cavitation is a general term used to describe the behavior of voids or bubbles in a liquid. Cavitation is usually divided into two classes of behavior: inertial (or transient) cavitation and non-inertial cavitation. Inertial cavitation is the process where a void or bubble in a liquid...
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    Free flow shower - booster needed you can fit a shower pump your hot is gravity fed so your cold feed needs to be tank fed. you may need to fit a larger cws tank as well.
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    New Bathroom - Newbie - Help needed

    if you read they say balanced pressures, a min of 1 bar. if you have gravity hot at 0.2bar and mains cold at 2.0bar and you fit a pressure equalising valve you will end up with 0.2bar on both supplys. not enough
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    Shower problem.

    it's nothing to worry about these problems are always something silly. fit the full bore valves as you say then give it ago. let us know.
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    Diconnecting Kitchen Taps or or
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    with out going into detail cavitation is do with air. yes it does matter. what pump and model have you?
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    bond or no bond?

    is it a metal sink ? if not no
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    humming/buzzing after flushing?

    try changing the float valve diaphragm
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    Boiler will not turn off
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    Banging Honeywell V4073a mid position valve when HW demand

    ya chris i meant when the hw / heating stats where not calling.
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    Banging Honeywell V4073a mid position valve when HW demand

    the orange is 230v when heating called for, hw it will only be 100v. i would say it's a valve problem not wiring
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    Banging Honeywell V4073a mid position valve when HW demand

    valve finishes its cycle first then fires up.
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    water tank

    4/5 bucket loads of what hot or cold water ?
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    shower flow rate

    what is the make and model of the taps ? as most thermostatics have to be balanced pressures