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    CH Pump running constantly

    Look at the valve. Powerflush is irrelevant here.
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    CH Pump running constantly

    It's probably a zone valve switch sticking. Does the boiler fire occasionally too?
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    Gas pipe running along the garage ceiling.

    Bet it's not sleeved where it passes through the walls?
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    installing sink in room with no pipes currently

    Do you intend to do it yourself?
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    installing sink in room with no pipes currently

    You mean basin! It's possible but it's the landlord's property so if he doesn't want it done, find another room with a basin! :wink:
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    Surrey flange ??

    Only one of the showers is pumped.
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    Surrey flange ??

    Xr4x4 has given you the answer to this. You would ideally have at least a 50 gallon cwsc feeding the hot cylinder.
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    installing copper through notched joists

    Not following the guidance on notching joists is though!
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    Water Softener query (sorry...)

    That's not really the point John. The water regs aren't really bothered about the salt content of bread! But they do set a maximum sodium level, above which 'softened wholesome' water ceases to be wholesome.
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    Water Softener query (sorry...)

    Not true, indeed, while sodium levels are below the limits for wholesome water, softened water should be tested for sodium content before it's supplied for drinking. It may just be easier to take off drinking water before the softener; as the regs guide advises...
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    Water Softener query (sorry...)

    At the risk of stating the obvious; does the OP realise that the main kitchen cold tap should be supplied with un-softened water? He did say he knew nothing about softeners, so just saying!
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    Can size of soil pipe be reduced to vent

    And an AAV is only an option if the system is vented else where
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    Installing A Shower Pump

    He doesn't only want to pump the hot. He wants to pump hot and cold to one shower! Placing the pump on some sort of insulating material (like carpet) will reduce noise transfer through the ceiling. You won't silence it completely and don't think about building a box around the pump to quieten...
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    Modern 0.2 bar pressure taps with good flow

    That's quoting a flow at a certain pressure. Flow rate isn't measured in bar. I think you may have found a typo which coincidently and unfortunately appears to match your requirements - it should say flow rate at 0.5 bar =13.3 l/min. Could you pump it?
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    Mixer Tap Grub Screw size?

    Probably M3.
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    Shower help

    Give it a whirl then! Lube it all up with silicone grease when you reassemble.
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    Advise/help needed with poor water pressure

    Took a while to press post there. Crossed over with you CBF!
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    Advise/help needed with poor water pressure

    You should get a chap with a G3 ticket to check it out and service it. Unvented cylinders should be serviced regularly, few are!
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    Advise/help needed with poor water pressure

    Is cold water flow ok? The cylinder possibly needs a service, the cold feed filter could be blocked or otherwise faulty combination valve for example.
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    Honeywell programmer

    Yes they do