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    Wireless thermostat nightmare

    So I went to bed last night after finally getting the thermostat and the receiver to pair and set the heating to timed thinking itll never work (as it didn't before). Lo and behold I woke up this morn to find it had actually worked and thehearing now works on timed. I'm glad it's now all working...
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    Wireless thermostat nightmare

    Hi there, I recently moved into a new house which has a British Gas wireless thermostat. I believe the model is WL2. Im able to turn the heating on and off without any issues (as long as it the setting was set as 'on' within the main UT2 single channel timeswitch) however if the programme is...
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    Wet looking bricks below dpc

    Hi there, myself and my wife are looking to buy a semi detached house literally over the road from where we currently live however I've noticed every time it rains, the bricks and mortar below the dpc on the front of the house become darker than those above (doesn't go further than dpc) It does...