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    Termination of flex conduit

    Hi all I am looking to connect three garden lights to pre-installed junction boxes. The boxes are on the fence, whereas the lights will sit in a ground approx. 90cm from the fence. My intention is to run a NYY-J cable in a flexible conduit and whilst the junction box connection will not be a...
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    Two heating zones and Tado

    Hi all I am looking to install the Tado system in my new build house which has already got two-zoned system which is controlled by an ESI ES3247 programmer and two ESI wired thermostats. I understand that the 'standard' way of installing Tado would be to replace each of the thermostats with...
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    Which 240v to 12v transformer?

    Hi all I have recently installed Nest smart thermostat and it is currently powered by USB plugged to an AC adapter with following specs: - 7w - Output: 5v 1.4A From what I have read, Nest can be powered with 12v wiring going from a heat link. I am looking to wire a 240v transformer inside the...