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    Door latch bathroom adjustment

    Hi all, Basically my bathroom door doesn't close with ease. When pushing it closed, it doesn't fit into the plate unless pushed hard. Not sure what to adjust. I have attached a picture of the plate. Also see Imgur link below for a video: Thanks
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    Best water based undercoat primer?

    Hi guys, I'm using acrylic satinwood as my topcoat, WRX Satinwood. For the undercoat / primer, what do people recommend? Should it be an acrylic based one to match? Such as Johnstones Trade Joncryl Acrylic or Leyland Trade Acrylic Primer Undercoat, or should I use something like Dulux Quick...
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    Sander for door frames and architrave

    Ok cheers, lol. I thought mesh was more for fresh plaster but, i guess it will worked on that too and reduces the chance of clogging. I cant be bothered going back down to bare wood now but enough to make it smooth where a fresh coat of paint will cover all old paint and look good.
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    Sander for door frames and architrave

    Hi guys, any recommendations for an electric sander to use on door frames and fairly flat architrave? So many types and models. 1930s door frames, couple of coats of paint as you can guess due to age, mix of water based and oil based, so just want to take it back a bit to keep a smooth finish...
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    satin paint for interior doors

    Hi guys, so quick question. My mum decided to buy paint and then paint the interior wooden doors in water-based Dulux Trade Quick Dry Wood Primer + Undercoat, in secret, so just going to stick with that lol. So what paint would people use over it in a satin water based finish? Il give the...
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    Can not find the correct door hinges...

    The new screw would slightly overlap the old one, so would be a big hole. I got some 6 x 30mm dowels from Screwfix. Literally all the screws in this door frame are spinning haha, none are gripping into the wood so I'll just drill them out w a 6mm bit and hammer the dowels with wood glue, and...
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    Can not find the correct door hinges...

    Just thought it'll be a lot easier to just find the correct hinges and change them. What would i use? Drill out the holes the same size, and then stick in some dowels with some wood PVA glue? I am guessing they should be thicker than the screws themselves? Thanks
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    Can not find the correct door hinges...

    Hi all, bit of a weird one. I need hinges for my doors to go into my frame. The old hinges are ruined, paint all over them etc and just thought i would get new ones. Measuring up it seemed like they are approx. 76 x 51mm which i can see is a standard size, they are like 80 years old (1930s...