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    140x100 concrete lint.

    Hi all, quick question. Would a 140x100 concrete lintel span a 2400mm clear span and take a roof loading for a warm deck flat roof. The flat roof is going to be used as a balcony (of sorts - its only 1.5m wide), so may need to have a floor loading taken into consideration. Thanks In Advance.
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    MF Ceiling Advice

    Judging by responses there is no right way then? Just whatever I am comfortable with?
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    MF Ceiling Advice

    Hi, we are putting some flats into an old office building. There is a flat on each floor - we are putting in an MF ceiling in each to hide ducting for a heat recovery system so need to drop it by c125mm My question is, whats the best way of doing this? Our skills with MF ceilings are...
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    Dry Wall Screw Size

    Chaps - we're doing some flats at the moment and we're gonna dryline the show flat ourselves due to licence reasons. What size screws would be best for 2no layers of 12.5mm DB board into timber studs? (party walls).
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    Anyone else cold today? Pumping concrete is too easy...

    We usually run ours down 225mm and like you say put in the perimeter upstand too....I have to be honest though, I may well get into this nuder the slab business for the sake of the step on site!
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    Anyone else cold today? Pumping concrete is too easy...

    Thanks - always interested in others methodology. I like the thought of the smaller step whilst you're wroking! How far down do you run your cavity insulation?
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    Anyone else cold today? Pumping concrete is too easy...

    Mate - what are the benefits of putting the insulation under the concrete? A lot of our spec's recently have been on top of the concrete, with the screed on top of that?
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    Roof Height.....

    Sorry for the delayed response - thanks chaps - perfect information. This is a bit of a favour for a mate, so not really got any proper drawings to relate too. I could come down in pitch to 15 I suppose, thats as low as Velux will guarantee from memory. Does that dramatically alter...
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    Roof Height.....

    I thought of all people you would have been the man with Answer Tony!
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    Roof Height.....

    Chaps - can someone help me? Building an extension at the moment, lean to at the back of the house, standard stuff. It has a lean to roof on it naturally, its been specified as 17.5 degree pitch and the extension is 4.2m to the outside face of B/W. 9x2's What height will the roof...
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    rebar problem on footings i've just cast

    My advice. Never look at it again. It will be fine
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    Double extension- where to start?

    Yes JOhn, price per sq. mtr is per floor so - 6x3x2 = 36k This price is ex VAT It doesn't include anything fancy Doesn't include en-suites adn/or kitchens Limit to PS for electrics plumbing and steelwork. Its not a hard and fast rule, but it'll help you make your mind up. Why...
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    How to cut many bricks in half very efficiently?

    Butch and Kev!! Any self respecting brickie I know would just do these with a hammer and bolster, divide the number of bricks by the 2 brickies, and then half the number again as they will use either end, its not really a great deal mate - honestly...... On another note I wish I had a brickie...
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    Double extension- where to start?

    John, just so you understand things from the other side of the fence, customers who ask for prices on something they have neither planning for, nor building regs for means that they possibly not going to do any of the work at all. A lot of builders are self employed family men who price up a...
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    Am I daft to contemplate doing this myself?

    This statement may well say it all......maybe as suggested before get someone to do the shell and then pick up the internal works....
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    dry Stone walling

    You could try Bowland Stone in Crews Hole, or maybe Stone Supplies in PAtchway, but generally a lot of the stone companies will deliver reasonably far afeild. We recently did a stone house and the stuff came down from Oxfordshire. The rep bought samples out free of charge....worth shopping on...
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    How long does the screed take to dry

    screed is 1mm per day I believe.
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    22mm flooring chipbard

    I appreciate being able to ask people to do it my way, but I was interested by the distinct opposing views backed up by reasonably sure arguments. Hence, my wonder as to what others did. I've always been one for trimming the board back to a joist. But if its acceptable the other way, it sounds...