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    Crack in plastic bathg

    Thanks guys for your advice i will check my policy see if it is covered.
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    Crack in plastic bathg

    Hi I have a small crack in my plastic bath, is there any way of repairing it and what is the best way around it, the crack is about 3 inches from the bottom of the bath and around 2inches long. Thanks onesongrg
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    Electrian- Price costs estimates please how much?

    hi m8 labour charges are around £15 per hour to £22.50 depends on job and the type of work, and the amount of time on site and travel and were you live. no two jobs are the same ALWAYS USE A REGULATED ELECTRICAN hope this helps Onesongrg
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    Best route for electrical installation qualifications

    Hi M8 c&g 2381 16th edition is a must, and c&g 2391 inspec/testing will help you along. Onesongrg
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    Heritage paving

    Hi, I am no garden pro, got 2 quotes for some garden work small bit of turfing, tidy up, and two patio areas came in at £1200, ok ask to requote using heritage paving flags, got the reqotes its jumped up to £2200. Are they taking the p***? Any advice would be great. Onesongrg
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    Outside lighting

    The grey area of part p. See link nic say you must inform building regs. Just say it was installed before 1/1/05, if anyone ask's. Onesongrg
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    Is it this against the reg,s

    Thanks Lectrician, For the comfirmation. Onesongrg
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    Is it this against the reg,s

    Thanks ban for you constructive critisim, ring main to fused SPUR to socket. A single 2.5mm cable to the fused spur. spur to socket (not allowed) fsu to socket ? Thanks Onesongrg
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    Is it this against the reg,s

    Hi installing a external socket in the garden using ipx6 rated all ok, i am going to come off a fused spare from the living room,not in use for anything, the ring it is connected to, is rcd protected all ok, been looking through the regs can't see anything wrong, but i am sparing of a spare...
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    Starting Mercedes e class

    Hi m8 It is petrol, e 200. 2000 cc, when it starts it run fine, if i drive for 30 mins get some petrol "engine is worm" some time start with in 2 sec some times takes a few goes. Thanks Onesongrg
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    Starting Mercedes e class

    Hi I seem to have problems starting my car, some times starts fine some time takes a few go's. Mercedes e class 1996,auto,75k, alarmed. is there a certain way to start the car or a timer setting on it, i have only had the car a few weeks? Any help, i would be greatfull!!! Onesongrg
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    Double oven and electric hob upgrade

    Hi Andy There is no reason why can not run 2 cooker points of the same 6mm cable, joing them together may be tricky due to the size of the cable and terminals "This would get around the 2 meter rule". (i would bet that there is lots of kitchen's installed with more than 4 meters of trailing...
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    Double oven and electric hob upgrade

    Hi m8 The regs say you must be no more than 2 meters away, why do you need 4 meters of cable?
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    Double oven and electric hob upgrade

    A 32 amp is usually ok for household cookers of ratings up to 15kw. A circuit between 15 amps and not higher than 50 amps may supply 2 or more cooking appliances within the same room, the contol switch must be not more than 2 meters away from the appliences (use comon sense for the location)...
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    broken ring

    Hi The advantage of a final circuit is that if there was a break in the ring it would still be earthed through the other side, but if you then get a break some else in the ring, there may be no protective earth on some sockets, if it can't be fixed, you could divide the ring main into 2 radial...
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    earth bonding

    Hi 35mm sq or less (size of meter tails)...................10mm sq (equipotential bonding conductor) over 35mm sq up to 50mm sq........................16mm sq This is only a guide as it will depend on the installation. A good buy is On-site guide (Brown Cover) £15...
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    downlight against wood

    Well ban, It is total impossible to give a full answer unless you can see the job itself, fireproof covers are controlled by temperature rises if a light was to get to hot, before it cauld course damage to the surface it foams up to prevent a fire, earth volt loop impedance if the cable was to...
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    Part P Qualified

    Hi m8 As far as i know you have to be assessed buy a regulated body (eg ec* or nic**c) you can register with them but cancel your holiday. On the assessment you need to show paperwork off two electrical jobs and have 16th edition test equipment (calibrated) they watch has you will test the...
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    Burglar Alarm Query

    As far a part p is concerned (you fitted the alarm in december 2004) Don't worry about that. Fit a wired alarms system (eg ade accenta or a texecom) i have fitted a few wirless ones and found probloms, stick to what works, it will save time and money in the long run. Onesongrg
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    A Guide to part p

    I agree but you can see that it is not easy for someone to decide weather it falls under part p or not, it is not black or white , what should you do guess? Onesongrg