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    That is fair enough if you can get trade discount though, as you need that as part of your business costs, if a tradesperson. But seems unfair that a tradesperson must pay for dumping even a couple bags of building waste, which then the cost has to be passed onto the customer, who potentially...
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    I have read that there have been road checks on vans and some trades have been heavily fined for simply carrying a few off cuts of materials. If that is the full truth it seems to me to be very unfair. What constitutes ‘commercial waste’ is debatable.
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    Always seems odd to me that a homeowner could take a trailer load of their building rubble to the dump for free, but if they employ a tradesperson there is a requirement for payment and tradesperson needs waste carrier licence. Same rubbish, but two rules. I can understand it is unfair for a...
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    Shower dripping

    If it repeatedly starts dripping every 15 minutes without anyone using the shower for hours, then the shower/shower valve is faulty. What sort of shower do you have? A mixer valve on wall or attached to bath, - or an electric shower that heats water or a digital shower? Combi boiler or stored...
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    Grout repair

    Scrape out the old grout and renew that section if you want it strong and waterproof.
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    Pipes emerging from wall and floor, finishing off

    Do you mean pipe collars for where the pipes exit the floor or wall? If the entire pipe you wish covered, I use stainless steel look or chrome finish pipe snap covers.
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    Is China the main supplier of PPE equipment?

    Difficult to avoid buying Chinese made stuff. It would surprise most of us if we checked where everything we buy is made or assembled. Chinese made mostly, despite what the company brand name is. My objection to the theory that getting things made in China cheap and selling them here in U.K...
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    Galvanised water tank

    I would be tempted to sell those tanks. There are some complete idiots, - sorry, arty type people, who convert those into tables or other ‘interesting’ items and pay silly money. (y)
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    Oil Boiler keeps turning on mystery... (DDC420 controller)?

    Any motorised valves (zone valves) on system? The actuator heads on them fail or occasionally valve spindle can seize. They are most common fault and put live link through their micro switch to boiler. (Grey and Orange wires) Needs somebody competent in electrics to test wiring using a multimeter
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    Can anyone tell me what this is...

    Check valve to have flow only one way and only if pumped circuit. Often installed on flow pipe to upstairs rads, but sometimes installed because the installer hadn’t a clue on other prevention methods of heat rising. So rarely required. Get a heating engineer to look at your heating system and...
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    Driveway over existing concrete

    Not my trade, but tarmac that is put down on top of concrete would need to be fairly thick to be sure it will stay in place. Probably well in excess of 50mm finished depth. Nothing beats good foundations. Asphalt might be more suitable, but expensive I assume
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    Oil tank (plastic) - protect from the sun with a tarpaulin?

    Regs now say oil tanks must be 760mm minimum distance from anything combustible, - like a hedge, tree, wooden fence, etc. But few existing oil tanks actually would pass new regs. Trees overhanging are good at keeping sun from damaging tanks, as you said. I can’t think of anything you could wrap...
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    Oil tank (plastic) - protect from the sun with a tarpaulin?

    The sun will probably damage the tarpaulin in a year or two anyhow and it will look ugly. New regs means any materials near oil tanks have to be non combustible.
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    List of Tory and DUP MPs who voted against a fair pay rise for the NHS

    I am not sure money is a problem for most doctors or nurses. I would need to turn over a huge amount of money to earn equivalent of a basic nurses wage. At present no amount of money would compensate them for their job though, especially those dealing directly with Coronavirus patients.
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    Geberit or Grohe concealed cisterns for our new build?

    That is disappointing! First I heard that the new Geberit silicone rubber seals blister. At least they are easy to replace. The older type rubber seals blister because they are a sponge type rubber and absorb water. If you simply use a pin to burst all the wee blisters, the washer will seal...
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    Boris in hospital

    Hope the PM recovers. Not looking good.
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    virus & air-con.

    Not a professional opinion, but just was always my hunch from experience that hospitals spread infections the same way.
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    Wilo Gold 60 CH Pump Replacement

    New type Wilo or near identical different branded pumps are also good it seems. Doubt if any of them will last 20 years though. Might be very lucky to get 10 years perhaps. Too complicated these modern devices. 6metre head pumps are same as your Wilo 60, but you will have the option of fixed 3...
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    Quicky on changing expansion tank

    If water pressure is fully dropped off a sealed system you might find no bother from water coming from the open pipe (if auto vents are all manually closed using their wee plug cap). But the old faulty vessel will be full of water and very heavy. Can be difficult to hold while disconnecting
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    11 Weeks Ago

    If Boris had have closed much of the U.K. down sooner, there would have been more panic buying. He seems to have been breaking it to us gently about how serious the situation really is.