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    The case of the defective tyre

    Last week on returning to my car after visiting a friend I noticed that my rear nearside tyre was under inflated. As I was only about 1 mile from home and had a streaming cold I drove home and left the car in the drive overnight. The next day I decided to change the wheel, by this time...
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    Coucil lack of common sense.

    Rommy , why do you keep calling the councillors, all they do is attend meetings to claim their allowances and vet their mates money making schemes. The people who implement the policy are the officers who like to occasionally assert their authority over the poor taxpayer.
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    Calling Mr Crafty

    I'm glad I didn't say that. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Reducing benefits for the workshy

    Roomy, I've got to agree with everybody else and you are out of order, the guys are just trying to do their job. My other half and I go to our recycling centre regularly and the staff there couldn't be more helpful. They assist you in unloading your rubbish, they are polite, and the place is...
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    Heard a good one the other day,"as fit as a fiddlers elbow" Think she mean't to say ,"as fit as a butchers dog"
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    The age pension

    Point taken, but you don't plan for when you have departed this planet. This is where HMG steps in and you are in no position to do anything about it if they decide to move the goal posts. It is enivitable that the government will have to raise more money to care for an increasing elderly...
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    The age pension

    Not to sure about your maths on this empip, you will be having a reduced income year on year if you are drawing of the capital, at a time when the cost of living is rising. And anyway Brown will still take it from you when you come back to the uk Furthermore who the hell wants to live in...
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    The age pension

    What do you reckon of this I have heard that because of the success of these equity release schemes the government are considering taxing any money you take out of your property using this method The thinking behind this is that elderly people currently in long term care are liable for the...
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    Why are my posts Deleted!!

    I had 2 posts recently deleted, the second one was for asking why the first one was deleted. All I received before it was locked was a sarcastic comment from some jumped up moderator who didn't even have the guts to identify him/her self. I am beginning to see why a lot of contributors to this...
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    Talking of rudeness

    Whilst I agree with you to a certain extent, would you expect somebody who called in your shop and asked for advice on various types of flooring to give you their names before asking a question.? I personally don't like those pushy types who insist on calling me by my first name when they have...
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    Pension calculation

    That is some pension scheme 1/45th If as you say you have been there for 24 years you pension would be £5333 for every £10000 of your final salary.
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    Pension calculation

    Masona, I think that you will find that you cannot get anymore than 2/3 rds of your final salary as a pension. Therefore as you say if you have been there for 40 years and your pension is based on 1/60th for each year of service you will receive the maximum of £6666 pa. This will be reduced...
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    Quotations To be or not to be,whether tis nobler in the blah blah blah :wink: :wink:
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    newcastle brown ale

    mlb3c Now that youv'e tried a newkie brown, you should try a black and tan. Just be careful which bar you order it in.
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    DIY sheds - warning

    Brilliant :lol: :lol: :lol:
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    Re the lack of prison space, I'm pretty sure it's been thought of already, but just in case it hasn't, why don't the prison authorities release other prisoners early. Even if it is only by a couple of weeks, this would create the necessary space, wouldn't it. ? Or am I missing something and...
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    Jade Goody

    Whoops! Sorry libby lou lou, but believe it or not, I thought that the subject title, cbb, referred to citizens band radio and so I never opened it. What a plonker :oops: :oops: :oops:
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    Jade Goody

    What do you think about the kerfuffle on CBB This is the first time I have watched it, and I admit mainly because of the media comments on the racial insults and bullying by Jade and her gang. After watching her being interviewed today, I am of the opinion that she wasn't being rascist. As...
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    North V South

    Softus I think gcol was saying Polish as in Poland, You know all them plumbers and leckies, :wink: :wink:
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    Telegraph poles

    Over this weekend British telecom erected 2 telegraph poles on the pavement near my house. Prior to the work somebody from telecom had been round and marked 2 circles near a fence on the pavement ,presumably to show where the poles should be placed. However the engineers have installed the...