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  1. RayCaister

    How to get rusted-up bolts/screws free with restricted access - help!
  2. RayCaister

    How to get rusted-up bolts/screws free with restricted access - help!
  3. RayCaister

    Moving shed during garden works

    Or straps and a Tirfor .......
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    Ethernet Cable Issue
  5. RayCaister

    Leaky roof- repairs enough?

    Single flue chimneys on a bungalow .
  6. RayCaister

    Leaky roof- repairs enough?

    I am about to pay £2,500 just to re-flash 2 chimneys in Norfolk .
  7. RayCaister

    Brass tap for oak barrel
  8. RayCaister

    Sudden problem with our SKY system.

    I am a pensioner and sometimes need to call on tradesmen for fixes . I don't think 162 pounds is too bad , you will need to start saving up if you need a boiler repair or a tap washer fixing .
  9. RayCaister

    Advice on having a balance flue gas fire no chimney

    I have this ...
  10. RayCaister

    F72 error Vaillant Ecotec plus 418

    In my expierence with Eco Tec Pro fault I opted for the Vailant Fixed Price repair , they replaced a number of sensors (only one of which was related to the fault) and the PCB . No problems since .
  11. RayCaister

    Leaking fibre resin shed roof

    This until the spring ...
  12. RayCaister

    Increase height of new toilet pan
  13. RayCaister

    Smart Meter Install

    Switch off sensitive electrical equipment To be on the safe side, switch off things like your computer, TV and your household alarms before the installation begins. Once the installation is complete, remember to switch the essentials back on again. For older appliances usually left on all the...
  14. RayCaister

    Silicon Sealant Mould Remover

    I used this on the silicone in the conservatory . Very effective ...
  15. RayCaister

    How much condensate does a boiler produce?

    How much condensate does a Worcester boiler produce? When a condensing boiler is in operation it can produce anything between 2 to 3 litres of condensate per hour which needs discharging to waste
  16. RayCaister

    Hybrid heat pump.

    Our local council (GYBC) are offering a grant of up to £9,500 to install energy saving solutions in association with E.On. One option is a hybrid heat pump that works alongside a gas boiler to provide hot water for radiators. Does anyone have any experience of this hybrid system , are there any...
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    Discoloured bath panel
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    Christmas lights

    You're turning on Christmas Tree lights! You must be minted.