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  1. J

    Lead flashing just completed and still leaking!

    Awful work. What would the actual difference be between rectifying the current work and getting it all re-done properly? I don't see how you could rectify without a full re-work.
  2. J

    Recommend me a supplier for a 4x3 garden room/shed (Oakwood Garden Room Build)

    I had someone replace some fencing in 2019 at my North London house (too much like hard work for me). Fencing and gates are all he does, and he told me that he used to have his timber delivered to site but the quality had become so inconsistent that now (then) he chooses and collects from Wickes...
  3. J

    Double for single connection issues

    Not very you have access as per your final photo, or is that a different radiator? If you do have such access, then it looks like you have plenty of room to cut the vertical pipe and solder on a short new part with a new elbow and a longer horizontal bit - and indeed move it left or...
  4. J

    Washing machine door seal fitting

    You can avoid having to do it again to clean the seal by tucking a towel or rag into the bottom of the seal after each use and leaving it in place for at least an hour until the area is fully dry. Have done this on my machine since new five years ago and it still looks new. I also leave the door...
  5. J

    Laminate and engineered wood recommendations?

    As title. There don't seem to be any recent threads on this. I want to replace grotty carpets in three first-floor rooms, total area about 30 square metres. Suspended timber floors; all skirtings to be replaced and flooring taken to 10mm (or whatever) of walls; no underfloor heating. Underlay...
  6. J

    How to disguise bare pipes in hallway?

    Very nice if I may say so, though more squarish than rounded in profile. Now just get out your jigsaw/coping saw/router etc and cut some pieces of dado rail to continue across and beyond the new pipe covering, then cover the part below the dado with some more embossed wallpaper to match, then...
  7. J

    Problems sealing compression fittings.

    Most of time, I find that ensuring the pipe is squeaky clean and the olive is copper, then applying a smear of silicone grease around the olive gives me a seal. I only use LS-X if there's a weep I can't stop.
  8. J

    Ezarc blades - Any good

    I tend to use my Bosch blue multitool on the lowest speed setting, which I find helps somewhat with blade wear.
  9. J

    Push fit connectors under flooring

    I don't do much soldering but when I do, I tend to solder up the pipework in manageable units that can fit into the back of my car (SUV). There, I cap off all but one end with demountable pushfits and use a 12v tyre inflator and pressure gauge to pump up to 3-4 bar, then check for leaks (NB if...
  10. J

    USB sockets issue

    I recently installed one of those sockets - exact same BG model - and the USB-C port didn't work at all at the start, then on a second try worked for a second or two then went dead again (nothing connected to the other USB port on any occasion). Returned it as faulty and the replacement worked...
  11. J

    Unusual switches,...

    Obviously a couple very fond of one another.
  12. J

    Teak staircase - painted in dulux satinwood - peels

    Off topic but is that a Roger Oates stair carpet by any chance?
  13. J

    Taps and pressures

    Are you sure that most people will have over 3 bar? As it happens I have just measured the pressure in my house (North London suburbia) and it's a shade under 2.35 bar, which I understand is a quite normal reading.
  14. J

    Lath partition wall to bathroom - repair

    If you redo the whole wall in plasterboard, will you still get a plasterer in to skim over? I've never been happy with my amateurish plasterboarding with taped and filled joins; always found it better to have skimmed over and that isn't a DIY job (for me). If you are getting a plasterer in...
  15. J

    Laminate floor

    In 2004 I laid some ordinary B&Q laminate in the kitchen of my previous house; it was Floormaster TileLoc for what it's worth and not sure if it's still available. I only used a thin underlay - Combilay brand IIRC, just 2mm thick, over concrete for half the large kitchen and over ply (12.5mm? I...
  16. J

    smallest rotary pipe cutter ?

    No but I can't see that it would need any less effort to turn than a non-ratcheted version. Meaning, if there isn't space to get your whole hand round it, you might not be able to exert the necessary torque using just your fingertips. Unless you have extremely strong fingers!
  17. J

    smallest rotary pipe cutter ?

    I don't as such but some time ago I did procure a handle for a standard 15mm rotary cutter that is made out of metal maybe 2mm thick, thus only adding that much to the diameter of the cutter. It clips over the pipe and cutter and gives leverage when trying to turn the cutter manually when...
  18. J

    Leaky P trap

    I've had trouble in the past with cheap/unbranded traps leaking and now only ever use McAlpine. But do ensure all joints are straight, meaning not stressed with sideways pressure.