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    Internal Window Sill - What to do!

    Hi all.... I have a newly plastered window sill (and new window). The sill is just a bare plastered recess. I've looked at plastic covered mdf rounded edge board which is 25mm thick and I like it. The problem is that if I use this type of cover, the 25mm thickness will cover most the the bottom...
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    Front door canopy - advice needed

    Hi all. My front door canopy looks horrible and will stand out a mile when the new windows and front door is fitted. I'm not sure what to do with it. Can anyone offer advice or ideas on how to either make it look new again, or replace it with something that will look nice? Thank you in advance...
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    Semi-detached 1960's house pointing

    Thanks Nige - sounds like good advice. So re-pointing isn't something that requires any particular training. I don't mean to belittle anyone here, i simply want to know if i could do the job. I guess experience means a cleaner and quicker job and using the correct mix. hmm it's a lot of money...
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    Semi-detached 1960's house pointing

    Hi all... I have a problem with rain finding it's way in around the landing window (both inner sides of the window sill). I've also got a problem with rain getting in through the flashing between the house and the garage extension. I've had a quote for the flashing, but the builder suggested...
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    Mastic Asphalt Interior Flooring

    Hi all.... Not sure if this should be in the flooring section, but i guess builders might be able to help. I need to know approx the price per square meter x 20-30mm depth for Mastic Asphalt interior flooring. Not sure how many people use this but I've heard it's very good, with little odor and...
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    Kitchen/Dining floor leveling method

    Hi Dazlight - Isn't that what is used on roads? Odorless? Thanks
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    Kitchen/Dining floor leveling method

    Hi all I could do with some advice please, on the best method of leveling quit a large indoor area (kitchen/dining room) 30 sqr mtr approx. There's about 35mm step down into the dining area from the kitchen and I want it all the same level. I know someone who had a smaller kitchen done with some...
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    Baxi HE105 - no hot water :-(

    Brilliant bazdaman, that's the kind of news i was hoping for. I can fix that :-) Phew!!! Thanks again, it's very very much appreciated. Andy and happier missus ;-)
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    Baxi HE105 - no hot water :-(

    PS - i did notice a tear in the diaphragm rubber but there are no leaks. Would this stop the pin from popping out???
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    Baxi HE105 - no hot water :-(

    Hi all.... Our boiler (Baxi 105HE) isn't providing any hot water. Heating works fine. About 6 months ago i fixed the same problem by using a diverter kit from e-bay, but now the problem has occurred again. I stripped the diverter front again and lightly creased the pin and reassembled it...
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    Baxi Boiler 105e Diverter Problem

    Hi all.... I recently (10 months ago) changed the diverter diaphragm using a diverter valve service kit. Now we have no running hot water and the valve 'pin' seems to be stuck in. When the hot tap is turned on, the pin doesn't move and the boilers doesn't ignite. Could it be the service kit...
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    CAD Software - Kitchen Design

    Hope this is the correct place to post this. Does anyone know what CAD software the likes of Wren Kitchens use for their kitchen designs? I fancy the idea of designing my own. Thanks in advance Andy
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    Help!!!! - Combi Boiler lost all pressure

    Hi all. Our Baxi 105e combi boiler suddenly lost all pressure! All hot water is lost and when i try to re-pressurise, the water comes straight out of an overflow (copper pipe from the boiler to outside grid). There is also a plastic pipe that vents to the same grid outside, but the water...
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    Stoves newhome grill stays on

    Thanks again Diyisfun I will check the model number this evening. Much appreciated Andy
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    Stoves newhome grill stays on

    Thanks for replying Diyisfun I have tried (with the oven completely cold) switching the main wall switch on and wiggling the grill control knob. The grill did not get warm. In everyday use however, the grill almost always does get warm. Is the 'control' the actual knob or is there something...
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    Stoves newhome grill stays on

    Hi all. I have a Stoves newhome 800 DF DOm double oven. The top (smaller oven) also contains the grill. I have to keep the main wall oven switch off because when it's turned on, the grill element gets hot and is obviously wasting electricity. Does anyone know how to fix this? Would it be...
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    Baxi Boiler 105e Diaphram change - O Ring?

    It's ok I figured if it didn't have one when i took it off, then it doesn't need one putting it back together. Maybe it fits behind the main assembly! Thanks Andy
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    Baxi Boiler 105e Diaphram change - O Ring?

    Hi All. Hope i can get a quick answer to this as i have the Diverter off at the moment. I have a small O' Ring with the repair kit (had a small leak), but i don't know where it should go. There wasn't one when i took the front of the diverter off to repair. Where does it go?? Many thanks...
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    uPVC Front Dorr Letterbox size

    hi all.... I purchased a replacement letterbox from Homebase, but when i came to fit it, the depth of the inner sleeves were longer than the one i removed. I think the new one was 40mm minimum, where the old one was about 30mm. The old one looks like it has been cut down to make it fit, but...
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    puzzled by rain water leak around window

    thanks again s60tsy I've got another company taking a look this afternoon. I'll update later and thanks again Andy