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    Gravity wall

    Hi all. i'm looking for some advice and you experience of gravity wall blocks. I'm looking to build a retaining wall at around 1.2m in height in my garden. We've had a dig and still have black Earth to a depth of 1.5m from the lowest level. It looks like it might go a lot deeper. Our builder...
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  4. Viessmann hoses

    Viessmann hoses

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    Honeywell two port valve

    Hi Colin. Brown is the live to the motor. Orange and grey are connected to an end switch for boiler/pump switch live. So it would be call power to common on thermostat then call from thermostat to brown on zone valve. They are closed when not powered by springs.
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    Worcester heatslave 20/25 noisy and over pressurising

    What's the system pressure sitting at on the gauge?
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    Baxi Megaflo System 28HE - E168 error - help!

    More than likely something to do with the electrics. Are you getting a steady voltage to the boiler, within tolerances. Is the earth ok? Polarity ok? It may be coincidence with work carried out but with the sound of it they could have mucked something up.
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    Two storey extension.

    The existing single storey extension actually provides privacy. You can't see into garden from bedroom windows at the moment. Small gardens.
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    Two storey extension.

    Hi, My mums neighbours are planning a two storey extension at the rear of their property. It's a semi detached with my mums house. The height of the extension will be overbearing and windows will now look into my mums garden. There may also be shading to her bedroom window but I'll have to...
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    Metal sheet roofing.

    Hi, I'm replacing an asbestos roof on an outbuilding with corrugated sheet metal. It's used as an occupied space with plasterboard to the ceiling. My main concern is condensation on the underneath of the sheets causing problems. Should I fit a membrane over the joists or would insulated sheets...
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    banging tcv

    Are the pipes connected to it correctly? If the flow through it is in the wrong direction it may cause this?
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    Combi Boiler Unusual Pressure Problem

    The problem is probably with your expansion vessel. It likely just needs charged but it could also be faulty or it's connecting pipe blocked. A service on the boiler should include recharging this if required.
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    Broken Glass Front

    Fair point fireman, No offence to the op but I don't know how capable he is at removing replacing it so airing on the side of safety as usual :wink:
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    Ariston Genus 27 burner keeps cycling for DHW

    No problem, hope all goes well, Cheers
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    Broken Glass Front

    The part is showing up as available online but you would have to contact the suppliers to confirm availability. The part may show up as obsolete on bg's system but that doesn't mean it's unavailable! Also you could try contacting glowworm to confirm availability. It's a safety critical part so...
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    Ariston Genus 27 burner keeps cycling for DHW

    To be honest I think your boiler s actually working pretty well, think it needs a bloody good set up, gas,water ect to get the best out of it. That trick seems to have sorted out you running out of hot water, just keep reducing the hot water temperature until your comfortable with it. The...
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    Broken Glass Front

    Firstly, please don't use the fire, this could allow fumes into the room and the glass could fail under heat and burst. That aside if you can't source the glass ( it has to be the specific part you can't ad hock a gas appliance) you could have the fire disconnected from the gas supply by an...
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    Ariston Genus 27 burner keeps cycling for DHW

    That's not too bad, if it took 70 secs to get up to temp ( remember the loop going to the cylinder is small) it doesn't appear to be blocked. At worst it could be a thermistor. Another thing to consider is that on these the hot water flow rate is stated at around 18l per minute... But... When...
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    Ariston Genus 27 burner keeps cycling for DHW

    On this boiler the temperature lights indicate the temp of the water in the heating loop and not the hot water cylinder temperature. Having the heating on would help rule out a few causes. As long as there's pressure in the system the rads removed shouldn't cause this. If you turn down the...
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    Flue bracket question - new regs?

    Your flue as per current advice should have a bracket on every flue extension. If the flue doesn't and it is rigid then it's classed as not to current standards and he should as best practice be advising you of this. It is up to you wether you get the bracket fitted, if you don't any rgi will...