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    Leaking kitchen tap

    Hi, I previously posted about not being able to get ceramic valves off my tap to change, but finally managed to. I was told previously on here to buy a new one but I’m going to win this fight and not give in.;) I’ve attached a picture of the neck of the tap and the screw cap. I’m going to...
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    Integrated fridge freezer

    Hi, I’m hoping someone may be able to help me. I’m looking to replace a fridge freezer as we’ve noticed that inside the fridge section touching the bottom part - above the draining hole for condensation - it is warm and above it it is cold. As this must be wasting electricity and our food is...
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    Help how to remove lever From Kitchen Tap

    I’m sure it will, but in the meantime how should I get to the cartridge?
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    Help how to remove lever From Kitchen Tap

    Hi, Im trying to fix a drip on my dripping kitchen tap and I have fallen at the first hurdle. I can’t see my tap on any YouTube video. Once I open the cap and unscrew the screw, neither lever comes off. I’ve tried a bit of force and it does nothing and I’m scared to break it. Can anyone...
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    How much space from flue to shed

    Hi, Its a Logic Combi 35. Thanks
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    How much space from flue to shed

    Hi, I’m looking to relocate a shed. Does anyone know what the UK restrictions are as to how close it can be placed to the external flue? It’s one of the types of flues which emits straight out, its a new build. I presume there is a radial distance? thanks.
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    Screw Rod for Flush

    Brilliant. Thanks for the replies!
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    Screw Rod for Flush

    Hi, I stupidly flushed one of the screw rods for the flush button. I got in touch with Roca to ask what I would need to replace it. They said the full valve. Can anyone suggest a...
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    Changing washers now cistern won’t fill up

    I’ve got the water going back into the toilet but just can not stop the weeping. Perseverance.
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    Changing washers now cistern won’t fill up

    Thanks for the good advice. I’m not sure tbh as I haven’t been able to get the top off as I’m scared to break the buttons like the previous own has done upstairs. it’s a Roca.
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    Changing washers now cistern won’t fill up

    Hi, We woke to a leak caused by a cracked fibre washer. I bought a pack of loads of different size of washers hoping one would be the right one as I was waiting for a spanner to arrive to actually open it up. None were exact matches but one fitted but the fibre is slightly wider. Not an issue...
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  18. Changing washers for toilet

    Changing washers for toilet