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    Plaster boarding horror

    Christ Bonders, you weren't kidding about it were you. Glad you followed my link to here from Jim's and hope you get it sorted
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    Asbestos Roof.

    Is the roof damaged? If not leave it alone, it will only cause an issue if the fibres are released when the sheets are broken up. If it is only cracked it can coated with liquid systems or even overlaid with Onduline Bitumen roof sheets. Some councils will indeed remove them from...
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    Repair with different tiles

    If you do not need too many, phone and ask Russells for some `samples' to be sent to you, shouldn't cost you anything then
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    Red and Black Roof Tiles?

    add Rustic red to that list (darker red than other two mentioned (and nicer))
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    Roof pitch

    Simplest and best way around this is to create a small inverted flat roof in front of the window covered in lead that way the pitch can be easily raised without obstructing the window
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    Opinion on Join Between Old and New Roof Tiles - Any Good?

    That looks bloody awful! The other option is third round hip bond, making sure that there are soakers on the plain tile side. what tile is on your neighbours roof?
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    Is my roof design right

    There does seem some confusion on this point, agreed it was always the case that insulation above the rafter denoted as a warm roof but seems to have widened so that it is also a warm roof where the insulation follows the complete line of the rafter and the vapour control layer is below the...
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    EPDM Rubber Roof (Firestone) Cost

    True Xenon, we'd charge the same as you but on a small job like that we still have to make a certain amount per day to cover overheads so £150 labour for one man for a day, we have to order EPDM as we require it so on top of material cost there is carriage so we're nearing £300 already and then...
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    Is my roof design right

    Most definitely put a VCL between the plasterboard and the internal insulation. It is a warm roof but is classed as a hybrid as the insulation is not over the rafter
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    Is my roof design right

    Well, that forum member obvs isn't a roofer, you have design correct and the Klober Air is a top end breather membrane
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    Damp ingress in victorian solid granite walls

    Where damp is showing, tape some aluminium foil to the wall, if moisture appears on the foil after a while then it is condensation. The fact that it is in the corners of the room does point to condensation as that is where there is least air movement
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    EPDM Rubber Roof (Firestone) Cost

    If you've had multiple quotes that are around the same figure then that is the correct price. Sounds about the figure that we would quote as a contractor
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    Is our roofer mad? Raise roof height to fit insulation?

    Woody is correct that the works are notifiable and the local BC will advise of any upgrade of insulation required. We've had similar issues with vaulted ceilings and have been advised to use a product called TLX-Gold which is an insulated breather underlay plus rigid insulation between the...
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    What Types Of Roof Tiles Do I Have

    You have plain tiles, look like concrete but closer photo really required. You should be able to get something to match quite readily.
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    Should I tape my breather membrane

    Only reason to tape the joints is in a sealed roof system so as Noseall says, no need
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    Flat roof cost

    Maybe slightly high considering he's not re-decking but there could be other factors to take into consideration such as waste disposal, prob £80 worth of skip there. Like ourselves the builder may need to make a certain amount of profit per day to cover overheads especially if he's not a guy...
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    tiles for 15 pitch roof

    If you have an existing clay roof then 20/20s would be a good option, am assuming you mean clay plain tiles existing rather than profiled. Mini Stonewold tiles are only recommended down to 17.5 degree pitch
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    Alternative to lead

    We use Nicholson Masterform which is very easy to work with, much more so than Ubiflex, it isn't the cheapest but does the job very well, it can also be `formed' as it has good elastic properties
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    Scraping off Moss : Walking on roof

    Walk on the headlap of the tiles, that way you are supported by the batten below the tiles and will break fewer tiles if any. Whilst up there, if moss is a regular problem it would be worth thinking about putting a copper strip at the high point of the roof to minimise future moss growth
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    Who will install integrated solar panels with my new roof?

    Actually there are quite a few roofers who are trained in installation of solar panels, the only hurdle is that a certified electrician must connect to the grid. If you go to the NFRC website they list members who carry out solar installation as well as tiling / slating. In any...