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    Can you put a new bath against old tiles

    Hi Our shower tray has cracked and wife wants to put in a bath in its place, only problem is it's all tiles round the shower from floor to ceiling and the whole length of the wall the bath world go, we don't have the money to rip the tiles out and redo, is it possible to install the bath...
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    Cost for fitting mdf skirting

    Hi Im needing 15m of mdf skirting (145mm x 18mm) fitted and architrave fitted to 1 door (just fitting , no removal supply ect), going to be phoning around to get some quotes, i live in central Scotland and wondered what i should be expecting to be quoted?, iv looked online and from what iv...
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    Cant find the correct screw to hold up my pendants

    Hi Guys Having a bit of a problem tracking down some replacement screws for some ceiling pendants, the house is a 1930's build with medal conduit pipes , the screw in the picture is the only one I have , a previous owner decided to hold the pendants up with wood screws lol, she has went and...
  4. whats this screw

    whats this screw

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    blanking plater for where old door latch was.

    Hi Iv just finished putting new doors and latches on my internal doors, im now left with the holes where the old roller catches were, is there such a thing as a blanking plate i could get to cover them up?? looked online but cant seem to find anything.
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    Hanson Postfix - Decking Posts

    oh deery me you have it the other way round, bluecircle postcrete is miles better than that hanson crap, just my opinion mind, im no builder lol postcrete you half fill the hole with water then add the mix, which sets very quickly, that hanson stuff they say add the mix then add water, i did...
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    why is my lawn browning ??

    could be leatherjackets (crane fly larve)
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    Removing old Decking oil - Prepdeck : anyone used it???

    even if you use clear oil it will still darken the wood, when the woods wet thats the colour it will go. cant get clearer than water lol
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    Soil problems

    register with find your local group and post up what you have got, should be gone in no time. i posted up on my local page to get rid of a load of red chips, 1hr later i had 20 emails from people wanting them lol Kev
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    Foundations for decking

    first bit of decking we did was 3m x 4m, joists being 4m, we put a post every meter, we went a bit over the top with the post, 3ft posts hammered 2ft into the ground and conctreted in , safe to say the deck is solid,mind you we did use 6"x3" joists :D you can see in the pic, the bit near the...
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    How much concrete/ingredients do i need?

    i thought the rule was to make the base 1/2 inch smaller than the shed, that way the water will run down the sides onto the ground instead of onto the base , if the base is bigger the water could possibly come into the shed and rot the bottom.
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    Can You Skim Over Painted Walls?

    Hi guys Came home from working away the other week there to find the other half had removed all the wall paper from the hall, this caused a bit of a barny as we have no money to do anything with the hall at the momet, typical woman lol. i was thinking about painting the walls (have plenty...
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    Getting rid of weeds before laying new lawn.

    that's horse tail m8 got it myself and feel like im fighting a loosing battle. google it and you will see its not an easy weed to get rid off.
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    pictures of decking treated with Liberon decking oil

    as the title says guys, wondering if any of you guys that have used liberon clear decking oil have any pictures you could post, thermo maybe you can help :D my deckings been down a wee while now and want to get it oiled before it starts going grey, went to look at a mates deck that was done...
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    Hi, and a decking query (yawn)

    half a bag probs, depends on how wide the hole is, 1 bags goes further than you think, our deck is 5x3 meter and used around 18 bags for 36 holes, mind you wee only went down a foot as wee used 3ft hardwood post hammered 2ft into the ground lol
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    Hi, and a decking query (yawn)

    we just finished our decking, and used both Hanson and blue circle, the Hanson stuff is crap, you have to get the right amount of water in it for it to set and even then it takes a while, the blue circle stuff is soooo much better for the 80p extra per bag, all you do is half fill the hole with...
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    Keeping a garden pond clean

    pump with a UV clarifier will sort that green water out in no time .
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    Best wood treatment for garden buildings

    PERMANENTP your doomed if you do and doomed if you dont, cant keep everyone happy .
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    Decking care

    my dad made the mistake of staining his deck, he got fed up with all the peeling and got the pressure washer on it, that made light work of getting the stain off, now he has natural pine oil on it and looks way better.