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    digital caliper - floppy wheel

    The wheel is supposed to slip, it is a method (albeit crude) of ensuring consistent pressure without being too much and potentially causing a crushing force on the item being measured. If it was a toothed wheel for example the measurement would heavily depend on how much force the user put on...
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    Hollywood Mirror - Wiring...

    You have two options... Add the spur to the ring so you can then spur from it or Convert the spur to a FCU and then run your double socket and a second SFCU from it to fuse down the supply for the appliance.
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    Hollywood Mirror - Wiring...

    PLEASE stop, what you have done so far is incredibly dangerous! You absolutely cannot just connect what is likely to be 0.5mm² CSA flex directly to a ring final circuit which is likely protected by a 32a MCB. Your spur from the socket below needs to terminate into a SFCU (Switched Fused...
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    Galaxy Dimension 520

    Hi, I'm adding to my system at home, and I've just got a couple of queries... Firstly I've added a PowerRio in the Garage and the tampers (and Power faults) from this all show in Group A1 - is there a way to change this or are all 'system' tampers/faults fixed to A1? Secondly I have a smoke...
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    Galaxy Dimension 48 Lid Tamper Fault

    I had this exact fault a good while back with my G520. To be quite honest I don't know what solved it. I remade all the connections and gave the board a good hoover and shake! Mine used to be quite random but in the log it was always without fail three successive tampers of less than a second...
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    POE long runs question

    I have managed 120M on Cat5 with PoE with no problems. Yes it is beyond the standard but it seems to work and that was on a PoE Switch that was maxed out so very little spare overhead.
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    keeping keys with prox tags safe

    You could have a simple cupboard with a door contact on it that when open disables all the prox tags. Simple but effective, a thief would not likely work out that in a limited amount of time and could certainly be set up quite easy on a galaxy...
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    Could you put a wireless PIR in your car?

    I was thinking of doing this with my Galaxy for both our cars as I have a couple of spare wireless mags lying around and both cars have an 'alarm activated' output that I can wire through a relay to the reed switch. Obviously I would disable supervision on these so it shouldn't matter if they...
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    HDMI to VGA... sort of

    I have to disagree actually. I use a cheap chinese one (£9) to convert my laptops HDMI out to VGA for the classroom projector. Yes it gets warm but it works fine.
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    Drainage options for driveway

    Hi, I am looking to do something with my driveway to improve drainage etc. Currently it is a mix of gravel (on top of something like concrete) and tarmac. The drive is between our house and the property boundary which is the west coast mainline cutting. At the moment the water runs off the...
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    Long Distance Wireless Alarms

    To some extent I must disagree with Bernard. A Galaxy alarm with RF portal will easily cover this range provided the Portal has unrestricted line of sight which should be achievable. Add on a simple door contact or Dualtech and you have a monitored system; it will report a tamper should they...
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    cutting acrylic sheet (2mm)

    I've found with anything up to 6mm or so the easiest way (especially for straight cuts) is to simply score with a stanley and then snap - you get a very crisp line.
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    How to cut in half a thick metal bar.

    Or you could just use the allen/torx bolt to move the gate out of the way allowing you to release the bar and it then just tucks under the window allowing you to freely open and close the window as you desire. Edit: In fact why not ask in the 'Windows and Doors' forum
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    Insulated Garage Roof

    Hi, We've recently moved into a new house and the garage is partially insulated in the roof, the walls are fully insulated but I don't think it's right looking at previous posts on here about insulating outbuildings. The insulation is up between the rafters and is kingspan type stuff. I've...
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    Latest Thinking About LED Lamps

    Look up "Long Life Lamp Co" on Amazon. I have 40 of the 6w warm white throughout my house (not my choice, I had to replace 40(!) 50W halogens when I moved in!
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    Factory reset Honeywell Galaxy G2-20 ADT alarm

    I understand peoples reluctance but often find myself asking the question why... Most (if not all) defaulting procedures require extensive physical access to the end station. Surely with a properly installed and designed system this would be totally impossible without first breaching the...
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    New Forum Help Slow, slow, slow editing

    It should be irrespective which browser is used. If a simple edit box is so resource hungry then it needs fixing.
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    A New Bit of Kit (well in our box anyway)

    My MIL had a supply outage due to damaged cable under the house and the engineer dragged a genny out of the van and length of SY cable with RCD etc. Connected it all up and the RCD kept tripping as the original installation had no RCD and clearly a fault. Ended up just a trailing socket with a...
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    Phone extension socket slow Broadband speed!

    The problem is that you're introducing a lot of potential for interference with your internal extensions. Your extensions should run from the filtered side of the faceplate (in fact maybe they do and that's the problem in that you're trying to connect a modem to a filtered extension. Your...
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    Windows + Doors - Help with some quotes please!

    You probably have tried but I would definitley recommend the following two firms. (No connection with them whatsoever!) Higher Walton Glass Trade Windows & Doors, Preston