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    Error code on hotpoint wf340 washing machine

    That's annoying - oh well, thanks for your help
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    Error code on hotpoint wf340 washing machine

    I have a hotpoint aquarius wf340 washing machine When i turn it on the On/Off light flashes rapidly and function lights 1 & 2 (wash enhance and reduced creases) flash at a slower pace Anyone know what this means and what to do about it? Thanks
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    ventilating a server cupboard

    Good point on the sound - there is no point in putting effort into sound proofing a cupboard if your PC sounds like a jet engine - I think it might be time to strip it down and give it a good clean with a compressed air spray... AMEdinburgh - sounds like you've got the set up i'm trying to do...
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    ventilating a server cupboard

    Howdy Everybody Not sure if i'm posting this in the right place - it's a kind of heating/electrics/carpentry problem.. I'm building a cupboard to contain a computer/server in a small alcove left under the stairs by a recent loft conversion My main concerns are to keep the computer cool...
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