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    Gable end lintel advice

    Hi all just after some advice please. We have had a side extension and now what was the landing window is to become the door way/hall way. Unfortunately the window is off centre to the required hall way so I've got to put a new lintel in above the window which means it has to be wider. The...
  2. Lintel for opening

    Lintel for opening

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    195 joists into/onto 178 rsj

    Did that pass with BC?
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    195 joists into/onto 178 rsj
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    195 joists into/onto 178 rsj

    Thanks George There will be approx 10 joists I think going onto this steel. The wrapping of the hanger I was going to wrap over the top of the wood packed into the steel, not a wood plate on top.
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    195 joists into/onto 178 rsj

    Hi all, we are knocking through from old kitchen to extension soon. I have had calcs done and they spec a 178x102x19 RSJ I want it to sit high enough so the ceiling is flush from old to new. I cant quite decided or figure out the best/optimum way to attach the new joists. Do I bolt a timber to...
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    New waste pipes in floor of extension

    NO man hole in straight line. Footings were not shuttered out to allow for the pipe to be lower - took builders advice on this and he seemed to think this was standard and acceptable.
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    New waste pipes in floor of extension

    Hi all, just after a bit of clarification/knowledge before I contact my BI (ha's not very approachable) I need to lay new waste through the extension floor slab. I am not sure how is best to do this. Do I lay the pipes at correct fall rate on 100mm bed or pea gravel, box it all in, do the rest...
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    large span tie beam mid support beam

    Sorry the width of ext is 4m the front to back is 8. By having a ridge and midd tie support beam the spans then becomes 2 sets of 4m tie beams braced to the middle support
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    large span tie beam mid support beam

    Hi, I am having gable to gable side extension. Traditional built-in place roof system with top ridge and rafters on this would be easiest (going as DIY as possible) but the span is 8m, i've been advised you put a lower tie beam support beam in from gable to gable. Has anyone got any pictures of...
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    Prefab concrete liney new stove

    Hi all. We are going to get a log burner installed. The chimney is a pre fab concrete pipes system with 7inch diametertje drive requires 5inch. We've been advised that we don't need a 5inch Flexi liner as there's not much point as long as the smoke test is okay. What's anyone's thoughts? Thanks...
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    Sectional garage leaking

    I can't get to the bottom.edges add they seem.So sit below next doors soil. It was all badly built i think. I don't put a car in it so height isn't much of a problem. I just wondered if water would get in under the new slab if it will cause problems
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    Sectional garage leaking

    Hi all. I've a sectional garage that is leaking from.under the sections that touch the base. I cannot put drainage in around the whole building I thought maybe I could just raise the floor by say 100mm though how would I stop the water coming in under the sections and not the new floor? Any...
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    Mira Sport Shower no temp control in high setting only

    Inside of my kettle is fine, no scale. The flow of water is the same as it was 4 weeks ago before any problem with the shower. I can't understand why the temperture control work in low and medium settings but not the high setting?
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    Mira Sport Shower no temp control in high setting only

    Hi all, not sure if electric or plumbing, but my best guess is electric :D Our Mira Sport showers is playing up. In the high setting, its bloody hot all the way down to the last 2 cold settings. In Medium setting, the temp control works as normal. The flow is normal in every setting. Any quick...
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    Not sure how my heating systems works

    Cheers Hugh, the plan was just to get more control on the heating and hot water (ie, 3 days a week all family are out the house by 07:30 so we don't need the heating on all morning) We are planning an extension within the next couple of year so I may research a newer system.........I really...