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    Asbestos sarking board?

    If you suspect the board may contain asbestos then you should get it tested, or get someone to carry out the works based on the assumption that it does contain asbestos, so they can factor in to how to deal with it. Do not carry out the works yourself without taking the appropriate...
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    Should Fascia companies use ladders

    yep, I agree that the roofer shouldn't have taken the job, but I believe it's right that the customer should also be held to account as it was their reckless action that that contributed to the accident.
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    Should Fascia companies use ladders

    If things go wrong and it all goes to court then as always common sense should prevail, so homeowners would not be penalised if they acted reasonably and in good faith. But! .. as all us roofing contractors will know, there are not only reckless roofers out there , but also reckless...
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    Should Fascia companies use ladders

    As a homeowner you can be held responsible for the safety of people who work on your home as when you contract someone to do the work on your property you become the Employer or the 'Duty Holder' according to the HSE. And as such you must ensure: 'All work at height is properly planned and...
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    Any views on Chinese slate?

    Big lumps (often around 5-10tonnes) are brought down from the quarry face to the sheds where they are reduced to more manageable sizes. These smaller lumps, perhaps 2-5 tons are then 'squared' off. The squared off lumps will vary in size depending on the shape of the original block. The...
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    Any views on Chinese slate?

    It's all down to the economics of producing the slate from the rock that's available, for instance you'd get 3 times as many 16x12s out of the same lump of rock than you would get 24x12s - this makes the 24s disproportionately expensive to produce. We're pulling off 20's and 22's here all...
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    Valley question

    To make roofs more 'idiot' proof all you need to do is use the correct material - it doesn't cost much more overall, no need to worry about it ever again.
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    Any views on Chinese slate?

    New Wesh 24x12's will cost a premium as they're not a regular production size, but you can get them on 4 week lead time. Penrhyn 16x12s are readily available and the most economical size, they'll cost about £42/m2 +vat (as opposed to around £22/m2 +vat for reasonable Spanish) Re foot traffic...
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    Valley question

    I can't understand why anyone would specify GRP in Valleys. Valleys are the most vulnerable part of the roof as they carry the most water, leaves and other debris. Why use a material in the valleys that doesn't last nearly as long as the roof covering itself? and the cost saving is peanuts...
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    Any views on Chinese slate?

    Just a note to advise that Welsh Slate, which is universally regarded to be the best roofing slate in the World, will only cost about 25% more than reasonable quality Spanish slate, when you add in all other costs. The material itself is approx twice the price of reasonable quality Spanish -...
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    Pipe / roof / gutters problem

    It's a soil ventilation pipe (SVP) you can't remove it, unless you replace it with another one. Note that the one next door has a bend on it to prevent it from going through the roof, this is a good idea. You can have it taken down when you want to pebble dash the walls, and replace with a...
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    Pricing a slate covered roof...

    Hello, just a note with regards to Welsh slate prices: 20x10s are not a regular size these days so the price on these come at a premium rate, which is currently about £3 +vat. There are 18.5 20x10s on 3" lap so that would work out at £55.50 per m2. However, if you opt for sizes that are...
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    New build use of felt support trays

    If using slates then you can keep the bottom batten higher than the top of the eave tray by having a longer eave slate and holing the first slate higher up to accommodate. When using 16" slates for instance I would place the secondary 'eaves batten' above the first batten instead of below it...
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    Replacing large area of tiles.

    Agree with Surrey, 38x25 battens for plain tiles. Tile nails would normally be 38x3.35mm alloy, or copper if on sea coast (or stainless or bronze, but they are much more expensive) And don't forget your insulation issue if doing more than 25%! Galv nails are no longer recommended for...
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    price to replace whole roof

    Ball Park: All in, including New Welsh Slate - around 25k All in, including New imported or reclaimed slate - around 18k Assuming the roof is approx 240m2
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    Clay Tiles

    Put a scaffold up to eaves level, access the hip ridges from that.
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    under tile insulation where slate roof has no felt??

    You say 'A few gaps and the odd slate falls' that sounds quite bad to me! - if its the original 1870 slate roof then its quite likely ready for renewal, 'slate falls' indicate corroded slate nails which will not get better. Get a professional roofer to take a look rather than a general...
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    New (ish) roof leaking

    It will continue to leak, and must be replaced. Personally I'd just forget about the previous roofer, its probably not worth the hassle pursuing him or the surveyor over a relatively small area of roof. Get a professional roofer in and if you want a 'slate look' then you can use Redland...
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    New (ish) roof leaking

    Oh dear, what a disaster. Rip it off and start again with someone who knows what they are doing. And you shouldn't use those things at 17.5 degrees even if you had 4" lap or more, they're not suitable at such a pitch. 1. Rip it off and start again 2. Change the roofer. 3. Change the tile or...