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    Reccommended Air Changes Energy Use - Can Someone Check my Maths Please?

    I gather 'the old system' (pre-part L) recommended 4 air changes per hour generally in domestic premises but that was for an average air-tight building. Given the one in question is a bit more airtight, let's go with three. What follows is a calculation to determine what three changes of air per...
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    Why no section on building ventilation?

    This is such a topical subject (mould hysteria) and needs much more exposure than it gets in the media at the moment.
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    Replacement Door Lock Finder

    Hi All, I'm trying to source a replacement mortice sashlock for a front door. Ideally I'd just replace it with the same make and model one which would be a 10 minute job. Problem is, even the lock-maker's website (Zoo Hardware) hasn't got fully dimensioned drawings for their locks, let alone...
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    PCM Night Storage Heaters

    Agree on both points but the thing now (Vs even 5 years back) is that PV is potentially way simpler to install (even DIY), is cheaper and hugely more versatile as you can do anything with the PV-generated energy compared to just making hot water with solar thermal.
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    PCM Night Storage Heaters

    So, I gather the answer to my OP is 'no'...?
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    Smart Door Lock Coice Advice

    Thank you for your coments but they do not answer my question. I did not post anticipating a lecture on lock efficacy, whatever the type!
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    PCM Night Storage Heaters

    Well, it is in the sense that it is only now being actually marketed... (are you always this stroppy?)...
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    Smart Door Lock Coice Advice

    Wondering if anyone can short-circuit my research into replacing the utterly useless Yale Conexis L1 smart lock I have had this past 2 years? I want one that senses when I am within ~10 feet or so of the door and unlocks it automatically by the time I get to it based on the presence of my mobile...
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    Smart door locks

    To be fair, you could probably train a monkey to replace the battery! I hope your L1 (non-keypad) works better than the one I have been fighting with for the last 2 years - and have finally given up on. It was even replaced under warranty and now chews through a set of AAs in about 2 weeks -...
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    PCM Night Storage Heaters

    Hi All, (PCM = phase change material) There is a bit of a revolution going on at the moment with respect to the end of the hot water cylinder era and the start of its replacement, the 'heat battery'. Some of you will have heard about this technology already which is being spear-headed by an...
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    Energy Efficient Wired Mains-Powered Door Bell Required

    Umm... Thanks for all the suggestions but the words 'Mains-Powered' in the title of the OP obviosuly confused some of you ! Besides which, I was looking for somethng a bit more (well... completely, actually) 'off-the-shelf'. As it happens, an eBay seller has replied suggesting their kit fits...
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    Energy Efficient Wired Mains-Powered Door Bell Required

    It all adds up, laddie!! (... and I'm as Scotttish as Big Ben)
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    Energy Efficient Wired Mains-Powered Door Bell Required

    Hi, I'm in the market for an Energy Efficient wired and mains-powered Door Bell. I've had a look around on the interweb and all I can find is the usual old-fashioned stuff which appears to use a wire-wound transformer rather than modern switch-mode power supply and incandescent (often...
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    Reusing Hep2o fittings

    (Appreciate this is an old thread but it may be useful for others researching the same thing). There are replacement parts still available (but getting scarce, now) for these older Hep2o fittings (grey body with green grab-ring) - specifically the o-ring (though I guess if you just used any old...
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    Crack Repair in Westmoreland Slate

    Hi all, I have some stone (20mm thick Westmorland slate ie green) kitchen worktops to repair - the substrate was not up to the job and has differentially moved, cracking the tops in several places at weak points; along natural planes of weakness in the stone and where there are cutouts for...
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    'DIY' Air Source Heat Pump (ASHP)

    Thanks, Stem... Perfect! And for anyone else looking for such a thing, search for 'quick connect' or 'easy fit' + 'heat pump'.