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    Refurb a very narrow alley

    Your picture looks more Tudor or Elizabethan than Victorian to me. Perhaps you will need to sort out which era you want first! :?
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    Wall mounting a TV - best way to hide the cables?

    Any of the above will work, depends what you want the final finish to look like and how much disruption you are prepared for. But, I know several people who have had wall-mounted TVs and ended up bringing them back down to a more normal level. The reason being that it becomes quite...
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    Stealth Car Tax

    Use some common sense. Complete the transaction on the 1st of the month - seller gets tax back for the preceding complete month, buyer taxes car - no duplication of tax. Simples :D Either way - it's old news.
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    Stealth Car Tax

    That part of the process has never been any different. Refunds were only ever for full months and if you want to use an untaxed car on the road mid-month you have always been liable to pay the tax for that month. The only significant change has been that a car cannot be sold with tax and...
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    Dishwasher salt

    Plus you can use the cheaper tablets (if there's a deal going) and not have to worry if they are multi-functional tablets.
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    Leaking shower

    Mira have a full range of spares on their web site If I was you, I'd just replace the whole cartridge. 5 min job and dead easy rather than trying to replace the individual seals.
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    Washing Machine - Only Cold Fill

    You need one of these: The machine will work quite happily on cold only. In fact all new machines are cold-fill only now.
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    Are cutting in brushes easier to use for cutting in?

    For cutting in wall to ceiling I use a 2" brush as it is easier to strike a good solid line rather than using a small brush. Cutting in brushes are generally for finer work around windows, for example.
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    Dishwasher salt

    Personally I always use salt regardless of the type of tablet I use. I prefer to rely on the function of the salt in the machine to do the softening but perhaps I'm just over-cautious?
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    Smeg dishwasher DC122SS-1 'soak programme' problem

    Have you tried holding the On/Off button in for a number of seconds, maybe up to 10? On a lot of appliances that will reset the machine and cancel any part-completed programmes.
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    Touching tiles

    I tiled my kitchen with some very similar irregular tiles, much the same as yours. I used spacers horizontally and vertically to achieve fairly consistent but intentionally not straight, grout lines and they looks fine. You tiler has gone the other way in trying to achieve straight grout lines...
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    EP2000 replacement

    Setting the programmes is easy and just a matter of following the prompts in the display. If in any doubt, ask a 5yr old :D
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    One cold radiator

    Ok, so open this rad's lockshield fully, let it get hot, then open the others gradually so you get a balanced flow to all. Not the most scientific way of balancing rads but it might work in this instance.
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    Grill element blows after three years - advice please.

    Just repeating what all the manufacturers put in their instructions - and here's the thing - even the gas cookers. Go figure that! :?
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    Having a problem installing shower diverter (leaking!)

    No washer needed. Just wrap with PTFE so it is a tight fit by hand, then tighten with spanner/grips until it feels firm. If it goes right in easily, you need more tape, so take it out and wrap again.
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    Sink drain

    Far easier to just remove the trap/U bend and clean it out. Just remember to put a bucket underneath before you undo it.
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    Grill element blows after three years - advice please.

    Give it another 3 yrs without the foil lining and we'll find out for sure :)
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    Having a problem installing shower diverter (leaking!)

    Are both of them dripping? Can you tell if it is from the 3/4" coupling or the 15mm compression end? I would: remove both, rewrap the 3/4" end with PTFE, thinner at the open end and thicker towards the centre. Tighten into the mixer, the connect the 15mm WITHOUT PTFE - it should not be...
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    Grill element blows after three years - advice please.

    In a word - yes! Reflecting the heat back up to the element. If you look in all the manufacturers' instructions they explicitly state NOT to line the grill pan with foil. You can now look forward to a long-life grill element :)
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    Grill element blows after three years - advice please.

    Do you line the grill pan with foil by any chance?