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    How to weatherproof a pre-terminated RJ45 cable? Cable gland that's large enough for plug leaves too much space around cable

    There was thread about this sort of thing some time ago. Thic company does free samples of split glands..
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    Oh dear! (Shoddy electical work) (Ed.)

    But how do you get the 4 way socket through the small hole at the top of the bottle?...............................
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    Changing a 1 gang 1 way light switch into a 1 gang 2 way?

    All of that wiring should easily fit inside the new fitting. Just needs neatening up and maybe some shortening. Where is the cable entrance point on the fitting?
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    Extending a 4 socket gangway plug cable.

    that would be fine
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    Replacing pull light cord

    Quinetic do a key fob style switch. you could tie that to the end of the string.................
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    Recessed LED strip-light on top side of floating shelves

    Might be easier to hide 1small driver in each shelf rather than one big one
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    LED tube replacement

    I also used v-tac tubes above a suspended ceiling and am very pleased so unless you have a duff one I can't understand why you think it's dingy. Edit... Is the ceiling painted white or just plaster coloured? It makes a big difference.
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    Frayed mower cable

    and if you lived in Norwich you could have the cable and another mower for £30...
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    Recessed LED strip-light on top side of floating shelves

    where ever you hide the driver make sure you can access it easily in case it needs replaced. you dont say how long the shelves are, are you going to have one supply for all three shelves ore a seperate driver for each shelf?
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    Recessed LED strip-light on top side of floating shelves

    Lots of led mounting profiles available to house led strip. Google is your friend. Just one example even toolstation sell some, so you could just route out a channel and...
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    Frayed mower cable

    I would assume its two core for a small domestic mower, most are
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    Frayed mower cable

    Arctic cable is more flexible and is made to be used outside ie available in blue or yellow and although the usual convention is blue for 230v and yellow for 110v the cable is the same. I personally would use...
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    Frayed mower cable

    Probably better to replace the cable as if it has cracked in one place then it has probably cracked in others as well. Toolstation do a 25m roll of three core orange for £16. or just two core here...
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    Slimline click/easy join electrical connector for light fitting

    I think the quickwire connector pictured would be too big to fit inside a light fitting would one of these perhaps be suitable
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    How do I get the wires out of this terminal block?

    if you rotate them slightly from side to side whilst pulling gently they sometimes come out of that style of push in connector
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    Rejoining 8mm LED strip?

    you could use the joiner pictured or solder the strip connections, thats what the little copper tabs are for
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    Fireangel mains smoke alarm wiring

    agree with using the correct base if possible, it makes the wiring much easier
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    Kitchen LED's Not Working. New Junction Box/Re-Wire?

    What happens if you connect your spare 12v supply to the input of the junction box? I can't imagine there is much to go wrong in the junction box. Does it come apart?
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    Best way to feed electric to this shed inlet?

    Piece of wood inside the shed just behind the cable inlet and screw through and into the wood? Then drill a hole for the cable through the wood or do it first but easier to drill through than trying to line up holes.