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    Damp proof advice for party wall please...

    Hi i have a 1950's semi detached pebble dash. the perimeter walls have DCP, but the concrete floor has no damp proofing and i believe, neither does the party wall currently the floor reads damp with damp detector and small white crystals form on the joints of old insulation tiles presumably...
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    Replacement toilet seat hinges

    Many thanks to all who replied Will contact the Vitra company to see if they are the right one... Otherwise will start the hunt for some angled ones which fit! Thanks again all
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    Replacement toilet seat hinges

    Hi Please can anyone recommend where I could get some replacement toilet seat hinges as they seem to be very rare! - see images attached The fixings attach to the pan fine, the issue is theres a 'quick release' screw on the top of the fixing thats damaged - so it makes the entire seat...