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    Insulate uder floorboards, Air Brick & is this 'damp' normal?

    @jasonzyx Perfect idea, thank you
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    Insulate uder floorboards, Air Brick & is this 'damp' normal?

    Hi all, One day I will post more on here with aswers rather than questions, but hope someoe has come accross this before, I have taken up the floorboards in our lounge because of woodworm and it being horrendously cold we are goig to put in PIR boards between the joists, 2 part query: In the...
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    Cracked Gully Pot replacement

    After the first alert came through on my phone, it hadn't let me know of any more comments. So thought i would log on again. Thank you for all your responses! No further progress has been made yet as I was hoping to get some pointers as per above, in my naievety i thought smashing out the pipe...
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    Cracked Gully Pot replacement

    Good Evening all, I have started to have a go at replacing a cracked Gully pot, and having exposed the pipework want to take a pause and just double check my next steps are going to be OK. So, for reference: This picture shows: Left hand small pipe - Something dodgily put a drain run that...
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    Replace Seal on UPVC door (Q-lon?)

    Hi, I have a similar problem, the seals on my door are perished, mainly on the door frame than on the actual door though. How did yours go in the end? Cheers Tom
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    Advice on leaky door

    Good Evening all, Please could you provide a little assistance with the below problem: My rear PVC door lets in water (when it rains :D or when I fire the hosepipe at it :? ) We have had this problem for ages, yet as we are getting the floor tiled next week thought I better fix it...
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    Poorly designed bath/shower leaking onto floor

    Cheers so far guys. i know the bath isn't the best. this housr was ex-council and weve spent a lot of time putting other things right. this room is the one we overlooked thogh. We would rather not teplace the bath at this point. Is there a workaround for the next few(6) months? Cheers again.
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    Poorly designed bath/shower leaking onto floor

    Okey Dokey.... Here is the actual bath And the Detailing causing the problem And another pic of the same And finally is the thing I have seen at my mates house which would or would not fix the situation? ?? Hope this helps or gives a...
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    Poorly designed bath/shower leaking onto floor

    Good Afternoon everyone, I was hoping for a bit of help today, isn't everyone? I have tried searching the forums, the closest thing I have seen is this post here: // Unfortunately I do not have pictures at present but will upload...