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    Glowworm Micron 60ff

    Does the reset light stay on solid? Do you have to switch it off and back on again? If so, it's overheating. Try turning the temp control knob on the front down a bit and see if it stops playing up. If it does, then you need to get the water moving faster through the boiler by either turning the...
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    Gloworm Micron 50FF Burnt Circuit Board

    Not easy being wrong sometimes eh? :D The micron boilers aren't the best, but they're not the worst either. At least you don't have to go outside and de-ice the condensate drain pipe outside to get it to work in this weather. Nice simple piece of kit. No need to keep calling heating...
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    Gloworm Micron 50FF Burnt Circuit Board

    Searching the t'internet for Glow Worm Microns needing PCB's and thermistors changing in tandem will prove you wrong. I can clarify that this is the case from personal experience.
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    Gloworm Micron 50FF Burnt Circuit Board

    The thermistor will almost certainly need changing too if the PCB was blown. It's usually the thermistor becoming faulty which blows the board in the first place. Search this forum for more info.
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    Glowworm Micron 60FF

    Yawn. Everyone bow down to the tradesmen. Get over yourself. I do loads of jobs which I haven't had training for, but that doesn't mean I can't do them safely and with skill. ***** How would you know? This site does not support work on gas related components. See the sticky post. *****...
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    Rads slow to heat up after new boiler install

    Have you tried opening up the lockshield valves up a couple of turns on the 4 colder rads, one at a time, and see if they get hotter? You should notice a difference quite quickly if the water in the system is up to a nice temp already. Costs nowt and might do the biz! Friday afternoon jobs...
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    Glowworm Micron 60FF

    Why? He's no where near the gas and it's a simple enough to check if the switch is working. This is a D-I-Y forum after all I.E. Have a go at it yourself! :D
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    Glow worm 50FF

    The boiler has no idea if it's being called to heat the HW or CH it just get's called for "HEAT", so think about your statement above in regards to how a Y-Plan system is wired up. You've had everything except the fan changed on what is a pretty damned simple boiler, and the problems only...
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    Looking to upgrade boiler

    Why spend all that money and replace a serviceable boiler with a combi? You'll find that spec-ing a nice combi that will perform well and supply hot water quickly at high rates will cost you quite a bit. Spend less and get a crap unreliable one. Either way, it'll likely be dead within ten...
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    Updating a CH System: Replacing the Boiler

    You could always hire a powerflusher, buy the chemicals and do it yourself at the weekend. It would save you £100's compared to a plumber coming around and doing it for you.
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    How to reset a Micron Boiler

    PCB's for the micron can be had off ebay, brand new, for as little as £35 if you catch it at the right time. From CET ltd, you can get a reconditioned one, which is probably more reliable than a genuine one as the parts used are of better quality, for £55 (that includes sending your old one...
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    How to reset a Micron Boiler

    The reset light on solid is a "non-volatile lockout". I had this issue when I had air in the system which must've ended up in the boiler. Switched off boiler using the temp/off pot, got rid of air by turning pump on full bore for a couple of mins and switched back on again and fired up...
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    poxy punto

    We have a Mk1 punto with 100k+ on the clock and it runs a treat. It is very well looked after though. Spend a few quid and give it a decent home service. Change plugs and leads, oil and filter, air filter. Take off breater pipes and clean them out if they are blocked or have mayonnaise in...
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    Noise from TRVs Driving Me Mad!

    Time of the month for you is it Tony? :D
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    slow running computer

    Try using another browser. Google chrome is good and handles has a great javascript engine.
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    Wireless router troubles-nightmare-help

    WEP is completely pants as a security measure. Use WPA or better yet WPA2.
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    windows xp crashes whilst loading

    Unlikely to be a MBR issue as it's trying to boot into windows but failing, so the MBR is pointing to the right place.
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    BSOD!! Repeated restarts and errors, any help appreciated

    Most likely to be faulty memory. Use a proper memory tester like this and see if it passes.
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    SATA to SCSI cable

    SATA and SCSI have different connections for a simple reason ... they are not compatible with each other.
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    Do I need a Power Flush?

    Do as said above, but after you drain it all off after running cleaner in it for a week. Take all the rads off one by one and flush them out in the garden with the garden hose. When you have put them all back on, fill up and add inhibitor. Our house is 8 yrs old and the crap that came out...